Our sales manager Vaughan, reflected back recently on his Ride Camp experience last fall. Who wants upgrades for life? Read on to find out how…

Someone has to stay home and sell these trips.

This past November, I flew into Santa Barbara California to attend our Solvang Ride Camp. I was new here at Trek Travel and “needed to go experience the product that I was trying to sell.” I thought this sounded good and the boss took the bait.

The guides for my Ride Camp were Greg and Jacob. One a seasoned veteran who heads up all the ride camps and the other a newbie guide who looked just as excited as me to be in the Santa Ynez Valley on a warm day late in 2012.

I started my trip trying to help the two guides show our 8 guests a great time. It took me only a few minutes to realize that I was getting in their way. I switched into guest mode. Now I could ride as much as I wanted and experience the life of our ride camp guest.

After two great days of riding around the surrounding valley that is covered with wineries and mountains we took on the challenge of climbing “The Fig.” The Fig is a legendary climb (9 miles at 9%) in the area that has been a training route for many pro cyclists. My goal was to climb it in one hour. With good fitness for this time of year, I set off under good power thinking that I could hit the mark. Halfway up reality set in and my power and pace dropped. With two miles left I was doing about 3 mph on an 11% grade. I was going to miss the 1 hour and it was not going to be close. After my summit others started to arrive, each new arrival cheering on the one that was finishing behind them. It was a great climb and a fun descent. Our group ended the day at a local winery splitting a few bottles of red wine.

In 4 days, I had covered about 180 miles, met some great people and accomplished nothing else of any worth. It was all that I hoped for. The goal for this year is to get to Greenville South Carolina for our Ride Camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I hope to see you there.

Who is going to be the first person to do all five ride camps (Solvang, Greenville, Moab, Boulder and Mallorca)? I hope it is me! If you beat me too all of them, you will have a standing free upgrade with Trek Travel for the rest of your life.

Vaughan O’Brien
Sales Manager

Photo Credit: Greg Lyeki