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What to Pack

Use this comprehensive packing list to make sure you bring just what you need for on and off the bike. We want you to be prepared for your trip with Trek Travel. To help you, we have put together a packing list for your trip. We highly recommend you bring the items listed on our Packing List. Keep in mind that you will be active for a good portion of each day, so make sure you bring enough changes of clothing to suit your needs.

Going on a Mountain Bike trip? Click here for your packing list.

Staying Warm and Keeping Cool

We recommend layering as the best way to stay warm and keep cool. Though we can’t guarantee perfect weather, we can guarantee that the sun may not always shine. To keep you protected from the elements and feeling cool on a hot day, always carry rain gear and start with a breathable synthetic shirt to layer under a vest, windbreaker, or fleece jacket. Avoid cotton fabrics while exercising–the absorbent qualities prevent wicking and insulate poorly when wet.

Biking Attire |

To ensure your comfort on the bike, it is important to wear the appropriate clothing. Padded shorts or cycling specific shorts are recommended to help prevent chafing and soreness after a long day in the saddle. As well, we encourage you to wear a cycling jersey or a breathable synthetic shirt. This will help wick moisture away from your skin and prevent you from becoming chilled or overheated.

Many people wonder if they should bring things like cycling gloves and cycling shoes. Gloves provide much-needed padding for your hands and will prevent them from getting sore and tired as the day goes on. Cycling shoes that come with cleats and special pedals should only be used if you have been riding with them on a regular basis and are comfortable using them on long riding days. We encourage you to take the time to learn how to ride with them before using them on your Trek Travel bike vacation.

Evening Attire

North America | Asia Pacific | Latin America
Luxury: The evening activities on these trips revolve around a theme of casual elegance or business casual. Guests will not be required to have formal dress.
Explorer: The evening activities on this trip revolve around a theme of casual dress.
Luxury: Guests will not be required to have formal dress. Dinner jackets for men are optional. Certain trips do require men wear dinner jackets, this will be communicated in an email one week prior to the trip start.
Explorer: Most evening activities on this trip revolve around a theme of casual dress, however it is best to bring one outfit of casual elegance.

What is casual elegance?
For women, this theme can be defined as anything you might wear to work or for a night out on the town with the girls! Skirts, dresses, dress pants and elegant or funky tops are very acceptable. Tip from your guides—accessorize! Earrings and scarves take-up much less room than a entirely new outfit!

For men, this theme can be defined as anything you might wear for an afternoon at the country club. Khaki pants, dress pants, shirt with a collar (short or long sleeved) or polo shirts are acceptable. Jeans/sneakers/shorts/etc. are strongly discouraged as attire for evening meals on our Luxury trips. Our recommendations stem from a commitment to ensuring all of our guests feel comfortable in the restaurant venues we choose.

What is casual dress?
Clean and un-tattered jeans and shorts are acceptable attire on our Explorer trips.

Packing List

Luggage Recommendation

  • 1 suitcase and 1 carry-on per person

General Clothing

  • Hat
  • Bathing suit
  • Sweater/jacket for cool evenings
  • Walking shorts
  • Comfortable walking shoes/sandals
  • Evening wear (consult your trip itinerary)

Cycling Clothing & Gear
To purchase suggested Bontrager items below, please visit a Trek dealer near you. Find your nearest dealer.

  • Cycling Shorts: Men’s RXL Short | RL Women’s Short
  • Cycling Jerseys: Men’s RXL Jersey or Summer Jersey | RL Women’s Jersey or Vella Jersey
  • Cycling Socks: RXL Socks | Race No Show Socks | Race Wool Socks
  • Cycling Shoes: XXX Road | RL Road | RL Road Woman | Meraj Woman
  • Cycling Pedals: SPA-SL Ultegra Carbon PedalL
  • Cycling Gloves: RXL Gel Glove | RXL Glove | Race Gel Glove (short or full finger)
  • Helmet: Velocis | Specter | Oracle | Circuit
  • Saddle: Paradigm RL | Affinity RL WSD
  • Wind Jacket: RXL Convertible 180 Softshell Jacket | Race Convertible Windshell Jacket
  • Vest: RXL Windshell Vest | Race Windshell Vest | Race Windshell Women’s Vest
  • Rain Jacket: Race Stormshell Jacket | Race Women’s Stormshell Jacket
  • Rain Pants: Town Stormshell Pants | RXL Softshell Women’s Tights
  • Baselayer: B1 or B2 Sleeveless, Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve
  • Shoe Covers: RXL Windshell Shoe Covers | RXL Windshell Toe Covers | RXL Stormshell Shoe Cover
  • Arm and Leg Warmers: Thermal Arm Warmer | Thermal Knee Warmer | Thermal Leg Warmer

Don’t Forget!

  • Required medications and their prescriptions
  • Airline tickets
  • Trek Travel Trip Itinerary

International Travel

  • Passport/Visa
  • International power adapter
  • Power converter

Keeping Your Valuables Safe
Trek Travel will transport items such as mobile phones, cameras, jewelry and other valuables during the trip. However, Trek Travel is not responsible for any damage, malfunctioning, or loss of these or other valuable items brought from home or purchased on trip.