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How you spend your vacation is your decision.

With Trek Travel

You see the world in a way most people never do. You visit destinations that others only dream of. You taste the finest, local cuisine. Stay in luxury accommodations. And you experience a level of service that goes beyond every expectation. This isn’t just a vacation. It’s a life-changing experience.



At Trek Travel, we believe the best vacations offer the perfect amount of flexibility. There are things to do, but not too many. And if you ever want to change something, you can. That’s why we build our bike trips for enjoyment on your terms.

Choose your vacation

Whether it’s a roadie’s dream ride camp in the hills of Mallorca, a luxury tour across the wine country of France, or an outdoor family fun frenzy in Zion National Park, we’ve got a trip for any taste.

Choose your itinerary

Flexibility doesn’t end with your destination selection. All of our itineraries are built with maximum opportunity. Want to relax while your partner rides? Just tell us. We can plan for a day by the pool just as easily as a day in the hills.

Choose your mileage

Trek Travel is built for riders of all disciplines, fitness levels and skill sets. Tell us what you’re comfortable doing, and we’ll make it happen.

Choose your experiences

Some vacationers believe no trip is complete without some serious downtime. Others want to go, go, go. Trek Travel guides are ready to make both dreams come true.