Guide Jess Milnes, gives us some ideas on how to get through long cold winters. Just need some good friends, a barn, and a trainer.

How to get your ride on during these short cold, wet days?!  Find some friends who like to ride their bikes.  Find a space you can set up a few trainers (my friends barn)… which looks like a regular barn on the outside… but inside is a playground for adults!  Even the Alpacas like to see what we get up to in there!  Pop something to watch in the DVD player like a tour of some sort,  a spinning video, or even a climbing video,…. mixing it up is always acceptable.  Give your group a cool name  ‘Barn Buddies’.  Set a time to meet…. do a ride, banter and make jokes for an hour or more.  Follow with fun activities, like group squats, or do some cool tricks on the other toys that were built in the barn, then eat a group dinner and call it a day!!

Here is the group I am getting to get a few indoor miles in with!  So thankful for so many reasons for these guys!