Why the Giro d’Italia? It’s more about the saddle than you think….

Imagine the ride of rides where every pedal stroke is a medal of honor and your heart beats to the thigh burning grades that lay before you. This is not your every day training ride. This is a ride that will demand utter respect, but also give back the reward of satisfaction that will last a lifetime to come.

Now, picture yourself in the saddle on the ride below–with jutting dramatic peaks of the snow capped Italian Dolomites as your backdrop, you’ve just pushed yourself over the spectacular Passo Giau and dropped a high-five to the Swiss dude on the summit of Passo Tre Croci, who you met moments ago as the two of you pedaled to the medal, pushing one another up to the top! Your well-deserved, winding descent gives you a feeling of flight and invincibility before you soon switch gears and contemplate how in the heck your legs will ever pedal up the fabled Tre Cime di Lavaredo. You’re already thankful you had that extra bowl of Papa Luigi’s fettuccine the night before.

It only takes a moment of doubt before you witness the typical 70 year-old Italian cycling enthusiast, flying past you on a bike 15lbs heavier than yours. He smiles, throw you a thumbs up, and delivers you some sort of motivational one liner in Italian, ANDIAMO!!! You don’t need to speak Italian to understand, you’ve already been struck with awe and your legs have kicked it up a few notches to muscle through the 14% switchback section. You’ve nearly conquered the switchbacks, but now question yourself whether there will be enough juice left to get you through the purgatory of long 16% grades without a turn in sight. You turn that last switch back and the crowd goes wild (honestly). BRAVO, BRAVO!! They too are in awe that you’ve just cycled up.

Have you ever experienced Italians, Spaniards, French, Swiss, and the list goes on…chanting you up a mountain pass? Half the time you don’t even know what they’re saying, but you don’t need to know. It’s the energy of the crowd, the passion they all possess for the sport, the Italian grandma replenishing your water, the kids running along side you as though you’re a famous Pro cyclist. I’ve always said, it’s these days that I become Superwoman—when you think you have nothing left to give the bike, yet when there are hundreds of strangers lining the road, chanting and cheering you to the top, there is no giving up. It’s this inner power within that overcomes you, giving you wings that’ll send you flying up that 16% climb–it’s in that moment where you too, ride and feel like a Pro!

The Giro d’Italia itinerary will have you “riding like a Pro, and feeling like a Pro while doing it”. The bike trip has been designed to immerse you into the Italian cycling culture, to challenge yourself on some of Europe’s most epic roads, while having some opportunities to see the Pros battle the same roads only hours behind you. There is a reason that the Giro d’Italia is always a Guide favorite…to put it words, one simply can’t do. You must come along for the journey to experience it for yourself…

To all my Classic Climb enthusiasts–you know who you are, choose the Trek Travel itinerary that will “numb the bum”. Due to popular demand, we also just opened another trip, what are you waiting for!!?

See you at the top my friends, ciao!

Alyssa Sponaugle
Giro d’Italia Trip Designer & Guide