adjective: pleasure
used or intended for entertainment rather than business.

“Take your pleasure seriously.” Simple, right? For me, this quote just hits the nail right on the head. We are sometimes reminded to embrace each day and acknowledge in gratitude the opportunities we have to explore the world (ahem, especially by bike) but we seldom are so matter of fact about it. So, what does this mean to me?

How do I take my pleasure seriously? Check out my pin-spiration board to see my perfect day when I’m focused on true enjoyment. The day starts with a hand-crafted coffee drink to get me energized for a fun-filled day. Then, I do something active like riding my sweet Trek bike in a beautiful place or taking in a spectacular view of an exciting new place. Then I savor every bite of a delicious lunch. That is followed by some time to kick back and reflect on how amazing it feels to live life to the fullest. Perhaps I enjoy a spa treatment or a dip in the pool. Don’t you agree that it has been a stellar day so far?

Tuscany ingredients on our Tuscany luxury bike tour.The evening brings a celebration; an outdoor meal that unites my favorite things: inspired cuisine, earthy wine and the company of good friends. After clinking glasses and finishing off the meal with a sweet treat, I settle in to my luxurious suite for a full night’s rest.

What does your pleasure-filled day look like? Mine can be replicated on a Trek Travel bike trip. And, as we like to say, if you’re lucky enough you will get to enjoy more than one vacation of a lifetime. That is, if you take your pleasure seriously. So, do you?