Trek Travel Cycling Guide Ally Petrilla

Ally Petrilla

What I Love:

Music, movement, and laughter are three things I try to make sure are part of my every day--the things that make me GO.

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:


My Favorite Ride:

My most memorable ride was doing the La Sal Mountain Loop near Moab, Utah in 2014. I was completely unprepared for that ride in the middle of June--one water bottle and a bag of beef jerky, no cell phone, no real idea of the route. I thought I would perish, but I made it through, largely by talking to myself the entire ride, and felt pretty rad.

My Rides:

I rock a Trek Lexa SLX for the road and a Salsa Fargo for bike-packing and trails!




MPH - Global Health, Emory University

Current Home:

Denver, Colorado


Spanish and French

In My Previous Life:

I have dabbled in a little bit of everything! My formal education in public health took me all over the world doing health education and leading volunteer groups; I have worked in gyms coaching cycling and personal training pretty consistently for the last nine years; I am the lead singer in a pretty rockin' indie soul band back in Denver!