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Brian Musum

What I Love:

I'm motivated by the mental and physical activities that challenge us to increase our fitness, intelligence, emotional capacity, and cultural awareness. There’s a passage in Richard Powers’ novel, The Overstory, where a young woman ponders her short life while sitting amongst the trees of a thousand-year-old forest: “A chorus of living wood sings to the woman: 'If your mind were only a slightly greener thing, we’d drown you in meaning.' The pine she leans against says: 'Listen. There’s something you need to hear...'" …I’m trying to make my mind a slightly greener thing, hoping I can hear more.

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:


My Favorite Ride:

The steepest road…that’s my new favorite

My Rides:

A 2022 Trek Madone named “Peegie” (Like P and G) because of her purple and green colors


Brain, thanks to a series of unfortunate misspellings from previous supervisors


MBA with a concentration in Finance from American Public University System, BA in Political Science from Bucknell University

Current Home:

Atlanta, GA



In My Previous Life:

I was an Air Traffic Controller, and before that I was a legislative intern