Brittany Aune

What I Love:

Obviously I love biking and traveling! I love anything adventurous and learning about new places and different cultures. I love the hospitality industry and anything that helps make me continually learn, grow, and motivate and support others.

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:


My Favorite Ride:

In 2018 I spent the summer with 22 strangers biking across the country. I'm going to consider that one ride since there would be no way I could choose just one ride during that trip that was my favorite, as the U.S. is filled with so many beautiful places and the people I was riding with made the experiences what they were!

My Rides:

My first bike I ever got was a Trek, but since I have grown out of that, I have two road bikes that were both given to me. The first bike I will be purchasing on my own though will hands down be Trek!


Most of the time people just call me Brittany, but occasionally I'll get a Brit every once in a while


BS - Early Childhood Education, University of Louisiana - Lafayette

Current Home:

Currently Minnesota, but have been nomading around lately


Nothing fluently other than English. I have taken classes in Spanish, French, Italian, and American Sign Language

In My Previous Life:

Before TT I was training with Emirates Airline to be a Flight Attendant, when the pandemic hit and I had to return back to the states.