George Hewett

What I Love:

I enjoy being outside and focused on my senses as much as humanly possible; A quiet mountain hike with tea and crumpets at the peak, a leisurely century ride from dawn to dusk on the bicicleta, or an early morning surf sesh out on the water! I love to travel; mind, body, and spirit! I've learned that combining a healthy portion of intense focus with a generous amount of travel is a great formula for moment to moment joy.

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:


My Favorite Ride:

Riding through Avenue of the Giants with a couple of guys I met on the road. The 40km stretch of road surrounded by redwoods on either side was awe inspiring and physically enveloping as trekked south with different directions in life.

My Rides:

I just have one right now... my forrest green Surly Long-haul disc trucker with factory components, aka 'Green Goddess'!




BA - Cultural Anthropology

Current Home:

San Diego, CA


Spanish, Portuguese

In My Previous Life:

School Administrator