Guide George Worrell

George Worrell

What I Love:

I love the simplicity and freedom of hopping on a bike and rolling off into an adventure, whether known or unknown. Bikes are such simple yet amazing machines, and the distances and terrains that they enable us to cover

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:


My Favorite Ride:

In no particular order… Hwy 215 climb from Rosman, NC up to the Parkway, The 101 in Cali from Del Mar up to Oceanside and back, and ANY cyclocross course!

My Rides:

I would love to race on a Trek Boone and cover it & myself in CX mud!


Jorge(Hor-heh); Slim


BS – Business Administration, UNC Chapel Hill

Current Home:

Wilmington, NC


English; I still consider the C+ from my intermediate Spanish professor a gift!

In My Previous Life:

Banking/Finance - RBC Centura; Struggling/Back of Pack Pro Triathlete; Curemaster(Non-regulated & uncertified designation given to one who cures and ages ham/prosciutto/charcuterie).