Ioanna Yiasemi

What I Love:

I love people, picnics, the sun, good wine, Italian coffee. I love getting to know a region through its people and their stories. I love the morning mountain air and seeing the world by bike. But more than anything I love travel adventures.

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My Favorite Ride:

Riding through the Kunzum pass in the Indian Himalayas. This was one of the hardest rides I had done and one I'll remember forever. We started early, at the bottom of the valley in a small village. The kids of the neighborhood thought we were in a race and they were running behind us playfully shouting "speed, speed". We were heading up for what seemed like eternity. The road was narrow and serpentine and you had better not look down the cliff. We were soon out of the treeline and we climbed some more in what looked like alien terrain, or maybe the moon. The grade wasn't forgiving anyone but the landscape was so amazing that it made up for it. The last 2 switchbacks were covered in snow. I started thinking that I wasn't going to make it. And then there was the top. All white, light breeze, a small temple on the top with Tibetan prayer flags. There's no words that can accurately describe the feeling.

My Rides:

Silque SL, Lush, 920, and my beloved old Lexa


Io, Ioa, Kikiriki, Itty bitty, little one..


BSc Math- University of Bath, UK, MA Business- Grenoble Ecole de Management, France

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I speak Greek really well! I also manage in Spanish, French, and some Italian.

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