Joey Wedel

What I Love:

Music, Bikes, Travel, Dogs

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:

Trip Consultant

My Favorite Ride:

We were on a family vacation in Colorado, and decided a day of mountain biking was in order. On one of the steeper downhills, my twin brother and I simultaneously went over our handlebars. My brother bent his derailleur, so naturally we had to get a replacement rental bike. After procuring a new rental, we headed out to the trails again only to get pummeled by a Rocky Mountain torrential downpour with a side of hail. We spent the remainder of our ride painting one another "Jackson Pollock style," throwing grit and mud everywhere on the way back from my most memorable ride ever.

My Rides:

Trek Madone, Stray Cat Sasha, Raleigh Carlton, Novara Randonee




BS - Kinesiology, UW-Madison, WEMT - NOLS/WMI

Current Home:

Madison, WI



In My Previous Life:

Bartender, Virtual Event Producer, Project Manager, Musician, AT Thru Hiker