Laura Nighbor

What I Love:

Playing in two orchestras and lots and lots of reading…not sure if Trek Travel knows how big of a nerd they hired! I also enjoy jogging outside, discovering new wines (red or white? The answer is yes), and spending time with my husband, my family, and my five nieces and nephews.

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:

Trip Design Operations Coordinator

My Favorite Ride:

I am just getting my feet wet in this industry, but my favorite ride is out there somewhere, and I am on the hunt to find it!

My Rides:

Trek Antelope - Vintage :)



BA- English Literature; Minor in Spanish & Humanistic Studies from UW-Green Bay

Current Home:

Madison, WI


A very rusty take on Spanish since I have not used it since 2005…but I speak fluent Wisconsin! Ope!

In My Previous Life:

My professional career encompasses all things hospitality - from country clubs to the auto industry to hotels time and time again! Most recently worked at The Edgewater Hotel here in Madison as their Sales Admin Coordinator.