Levi Crocker

What I Love:

I grew up with a keen desire to explore the horizon, this is what makes me feel alive! “Those who conquer others are strong. They who conquer themselves are mighty.” -Lao Tzu

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My Favorite Ride:

There is a little road that starts at the Mediterranean sea in the town of Menton, France. This is where the Alps crawl from the sea floor and begin their path into the sky. Up this twisting road you find the Col de la Madone. At 940 meters, it's one of the best ocean views you can find. After you summit the climb you have two options, dive bomb it back to sea level, or continue over the top and take the cascading switchbacks down the back side.

My Rides:

Road Bikes and a Fix-Gear Commuter that is Almost 20 Years Old


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Maritime Academy and the University of Central Oklahoma

Current Home:

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



In My Previous Life:

For 10 years I sailed all over the world. I prefer sailboats but also worked on Super Yachts