Guide Luis Tinoco de Faria

Luis Tinoco de Faria

What I Love:

Being outdoors, into nature, from forests to mountains, preferably with people. Love hiking, backpacking, and riding my bike; traveling and meeting new places, celebrating our equal humanity expressed through the beauty of so many different cultures.

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:


My Favorite Ride:

Riding through the beautiful landscapes of the Betic mountain range in southern Spain.

My Rides:

Trek 7.3 Fx



Physical Geography, University of Lisbon

Current Home:

Between Portugal and Spain


Spanish, English

In My Previous Life:

Worked for a few years as an environmental consultant, doing mostly native vegetation mapping and habitat assessments, spending a lot of time in an office back then, though. Unexpectedly I had the opportunity to work as a (mostly) hiking guide and never looked back, and suddenly ten great years of having an open sky as an office passed by.