Meet Max Moyles, Trek Travel Guide

Max Moyles

What I Love:

Surprisingly cycling takes up most of my time...exploring, training, racing, and of course watching (the pros). I love bikes a bit too much if you ask my Mum!

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:


My Favorite Ride:

An epic point to point ride from Truro to Exeter. 7 hours of riding over 11,000ft of elevation on some of the best roads in the UK and of course shared with good mates.

My Rides:

Two road bikes (race + winter) and a track bike. MTB being added to the collection ASAP...


No nickname as such, but people normally call me Moyles


BCS - Economics, Exeter

Current Home:

Exeter, UK


Just English (with a strong accent apparently)

In My Previous Life: