Meet Melanie Babel

Melanie Babel

What I Love:

Travelling! I enjoy discovering new cultures, meeting new people, witness amazing landscapes. I love being outdoors and doing sports (hiking, climbing, cycling, pole dancing...). I also find peace in gardening at home, and then cooking the harvest for my family and friends!

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:

Trip Design Coordinator

My Favorite Ride:

When I was about 12 years old, I went on a bike trip with my family. It was my first multiple days bike ride, from Lyon to "Grand Ballon" in Alsace, with a bit of mountain biking at the end. I really enjoyed discovering my own country from the seat of a bike, and I discovered that slow travel was the best way of travelling!

My Rides:

I have a carbon enduro bike and I wish someday to have a communting e-bike to travel in town.




Chemical/Environmental Engineer

Current Home:

Limonest, France


A bit of German and I'm learning Spanish

In My Previous Life:

After an 18-month trip around the world, I was a project manager in the railwork field for a year before joining Trek Travel.