Meet Ryan Osswald, Trek Travel Bike Tour Guide

Ryan Osswald

What I Love:

I enjoy singing, playing guitar, and songs with other people. I enjoy the quiet of the woods, whether its mountain biking, running, or cross country skiing.

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:


My Favorite Ride:

My favorite ride so far has been the Irreverent "road" Ride of 2016. IRR.5 It was 125 miles and 14,000+ of elevation gain. I learned the hard way it was only half road, and the rest was mtb trails, jeep roads, old class 4 and 5 logging roads, etc. I found all these hidden and rarely used or closed roads that I had passed a million times but never realized they were there. It was a cycling pilgrimage.

My Rides:

Cannondale Slate (road, gravel) Trek Top Fuel 9.8 (mt.)


Oz, Ozzie


Community College of Vermont

Current Home:




In My Previous Life:

Musician, Social Worker