Silvia Brinati

What I Love:

I love travelling as much as I can, going to music concerts, bikepacking, and I just bought a campervan to cruise around Spain.

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:

Logistics Coordinator

My Favorite Ride:

My most memorable ride was in the Girona region, near Campodrón. It started with my partner asking me in the morning if I "minded" some gravel (he wanted to test a new route). My challenge for that day was to climb for the first time the mighty "Vallter 2000" climb, a must for every cyclist in Girona and it was on my bucket list for a while. I climbed it and I thought I was done for the day, when my partner made me take a turn to the new route which turned out to be 18 kilometers of super difficult gravel (basically mountain rocks) - nine kilometers up and nine kilometers back down. It was mid June, just after Covid, there was no one around, bad weather was coming, no phone coverage, I had a 25mm tyre but a dignity to defend. So I quietly climbed up because when I realised I hated it, it was already too late (I am much more nervous descending on gravel). On the way down (somehow I thought that some tarmac will just appear at some point during the climb but NO) I was scared, sore hands, cold, and exhausted but I managed to complete the ride. And just when I arrived at the car, I realised the massive effort I just did and I realised how far I went from my comfort zone. But equally I felt super strong and powerful and, as is usual on the bike, I just demonstrated to myself that it's all in our hands (and legs) to achieve a target. And when you realised that, there is nothing that can stop you. After that day, I am still with my partner and he fitted a 30mm tyre just in case we find "a bit of gravel" in our next adventures.

My Rides:

Domane SL 7 Disc and a Verve + for date nights.



Degree in Lumsa University (Rome-Italy) in Science of Communication

Current Home:

Girona, Spain


English, Spanish, Catalan, and Italian

In My Previous Life:

Cabin crew at Ryanair, own real estate company, cake designer (own business called Miss Lasagna), and trip designer.