Taylor Hougum-Carr

What I Love:

All things creative, expressive, and dynamic! I'm a print-maker, book-worm, trail-runner, happiest with dirt under my nails from the garden or a good camping trip. I cry (tears of joy) when I see wild animals and sometimes even just when dogs howl. I love to howl/sing, too, and to ride my bike (sometimes independently, but often at the same time.) Black coffee + bike grease is a mood I take very seriously. I also love cross country skiing, swimming/surfing in really cold water, canoeing with my love, climbing on the roof to watch the northern lights, dancing to David Bowie songs, and pulling my water straight from a clean river or lake. Honestly, I'm constantly discovering new joys that drive me, but at the end of the day, my dog Koda takes the cake.

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:

Guide Services Coordinator

My Favorite Ride:

A couple years after I got into mountain biking, I rode the Maah Daah Hey Trail, a name which comes from the Mandan Hidatsa language and speaks to the perpetuity and expanse of the land. It's located in the Badlands of North Dakota, not far from where I grew up on the prairie. As a kid, I really undervalued that wide-open landscape, thinking it was all oil boom, big agriculture, and man-made lakes, without much public land to boast. Riding the Maah Daah Hey Trail totally changed my perception of a place I thought I knew like the back of my hand. I've never felt so simultaneously at home and overwhelmed by newness as I did under that big blue bowl of sky, ripping around on the clay trail through the wind with all my camping gear strapped to my bike, past sage and bluestem, past herds of wild horses and bison, past coyotes and prairie falcons. It was harsh, expansive, and breathtakingly beautiful. A lot of sweat, mud, exhilaration, and, of course, an opportunity to see the wildness of unsullied prairie on that ride helped me forge a new relationship with my first home, of which I am so proud. 

My Rides:

In no particular order: Trek Checkpoint SL 5, Raleigh Port Townsend all souped-up for touring, Salsa Mukluk Carbon NX Eagle, Salsa Timberjack SLX 29, and half of a Burly Duet Tandem (because my love owns the other half!)  


T-Money, Tay, Tator-Tot Hotdish, Captain Adventure, or Snack Lady (Always bring enough GORP to share).


BS - Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Current Home:

Cambridge, WI


My Spanish has collected a lot of dust over the years, but I'm currently learning ASL!

In My Previous Life:

I was a guide for dogsled and winter camping trips in northeast Minnesota and bicycle trips in Southeast Alaska/Yukon. Before that, just after college, I worked as a deckhand on an Alaskan boat, volunteered on organic farms, and traveled on my bike.