Tomáš Pivoda

What I Love:

What drives me? I suspect breathing and eating. What do I love? I love movement and anything and anyone that makes me laugh; meeting new people; exploring new adventures; visiting new places; discovering new authors, books, films and music; learning anything interesting; communicating with animals; doing yoga (especially savasana) and tai chi; listening to podcasts; programming weird scripts on my computer. To sum up - I love living in this interesting and amazing world.

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:


My Favorite Ride:

The ride through the “Chocolate mountains” in the Philippines on the island of Bohol. Starting among rice fields with stops at the Chocolate hills, riding downhill through the mahogany forest, stopping at a Tarsier sanctuary (the smallest and cutest monkey-like primate in the world), getting lunch in a local eatery, passing by the oldest church on the island made of coral stone and ending the 50-mile ride with a swim at the wonderful Alona beach.

My Rides:

A tricycle from when I was four.


All my co-guides’ names.


M.A. in English and American Literature; Ph.D. in Philosophy; European Masters of Conference Interpreting (all at Charles University in Prague)

Current Home:

Prague, Czech Republic


Czech, Slovak, English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian.

In My Previous Life:

Translating and interpreting for film festivals (subtitles, interviews with filmmakers); interpreting live talks on a Czech news channel; guiding bike tours all over Europe and in some exotic countries (The Philippines, India, Cuba); guiding walking trips all over the world; volunteering for an NGO in West Africa; acting (mainly in my life and in a few films); hosting a radio talk show; teaching; tutoring; programming.