Trek Travel Cycling Guide Zack Jones

Zack Jones

What I Love:

Anything that earns heavy snacking, doting on my wife and my High Desert Dingo, binging on Game of Thrones and Luke Cage, box wine tasting, riding bikes on dirt (or rock, or snow, or buttery smooth roads in the Alps), form AND function, dreaming big, dirty martinis at fancy restaurants, getting a little bit lost, audiobooks on long drives, seeing 100+ feet underwater, skiing up mountains then back down, laughter, nerding-out on science & history, making friends, basically just living an unregrettable life.

Riding with TT Since:

2003 (The dawn of time)

Trek Travel Role:

Guide | Photographer | Trip Designer | Professional Snacker | Sprinter Van Stunt Coordinator | Trailer Gnome Trainer

My Favorite Ride:

The rides where you feel so awesome that you think to yourself, “someone should be filming me right now”. But if it were filmed it might max out around 16 hits on Youtube.

My Rides:

Remedy 9.9, Madone 5.2, Trek Bellville, Pick-up Truck named Ginger.


Zackalicious, Snack Jones


BA - Fine Art, University of Texas at Austin. MS Photography, Brooks Institute of Photography

Current Home:

Grand Junction, CO



In My Previous Life:

I was beat-up twice in middle-school because I didn’t want to hit back. I turned my rehabbed postal Jeep in to a giant nose for an art car parade. I quit the Crew team so I could ride bikes and climb rocks. I explored the Southwest with a renowned photographer. I was a vegetarian for exactly 7 years. I detested beets. I graduated College then bam... I was a guide and I now like beets.