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Classic Climbs: Spain Bike Tour

Cycle signature climbs in Northern Spain across Picos de Europa to Angliru

Normally we'd use words like "sun-drenched paradise" or "fragrant meandering countryside" to describe typical Spain. But northern Spain is a whole other story. The north offers amazing scenery with rich local history; here, traditional villages, with stables, wood barns, and stone walls are hidden by the steep crags that make races like the Vuelta, or Tour of Spain, among the world's most exciting competitions. We'll ride them all on this amazing journey, from Basque Country to Cantabria, through stunning Picos de Europa and ending in Asturias. Along the way, we'll tackle mountains aplenty, culminating in the mighty Angliru, often referred to as the hardest climb in Europe. You'll still enjoy the delicious regional gastronomy, including hearty stews, natural apple cider and an amazing variety of locally-produced artisan cheeses, but you'll do it as fuel for the next big day. This isn't the Spain you've imagined. It's so much taller.
$3799 Per Person
7 Days & 6 Nights
Rider Type: ?
4 - Avid
Hotel Style: ?
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Trip Wows
Climb Lagos de Covadonga, Mirador de Fitu and Pena Cabarga
Ride in the heart of Picos de Europa and spend a night on a scenic Fuente De
Tackle l'Angliru, the hardest climb of Spain and one of the toughest of Europe
Experience riding in a lush green cycling paradise with stunning mountain scenery
Ride on legendary Vuelta climbs
This trip is a trip of my dreams. Northern “green” Spain is raw, authentic and a cyclist’s perfect playground – the best place to explore and suffer just a bit. It’s right up there as a destination with the Dolomites or the Pyrenees but the best thing is that only you and a few other people know about it. So do not wait, come join us on quiet roads and beautiful climbs. You will be rewarded with delicious cuisine, tasteful cider and welcoming Northern Spaniards.
-Ilona Kohlerova, Trip Designer

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Welcome to the greenery and lush countryside of northern Spain! Your Trek Travel guides will meet you at the Bilbao Train Station at 11:00 AM on the first day of the trip. A one-hour scenic drive along the rugged coastline (one of the region's special features) will bring us close to the small coastal city of Santander. After a leisurely lunch on the coast, your guides will spend time familiarizing you to your Trek Domane for the week, and ensure that you have a comfortable fit. The trip's first ride will take us away from the coast toward the first climb of the week - Pena Cabarga. This is a locals' classic and was featured at the Vuelta in 2016, won by Chris Froome and Team Sky. It's a great introduction to the week as we tackle its 19% slope, which rewards us with stunning views on the Cantabrian sea. Then, we'll descend to our first hotel and home for the next two nights to unpack and unwind. This evening, you'll gather at the hotel restaurant for a social hour to discuss the week ahead before you savor the diverse flavors from the local cuisine and fuel up for tomorrow's adventures.

Today's Ride:

Pena Cabarga to Solares
Approximately 30 miles with 2,700 feet of climbing


Castilla Termal Balneario de Solares

Included Meals:

Lunch | Social Hour | Dinner

Buenos días! Start your day with a café con leche and a big breakfast before we head out for a ride that promises spectacular roads, beautiful vistas and lots of climbing! We will start with the category 1 climb of Puerto Alisas, a regular player on the Vuelta route. This 12-km climb provides spectacular vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and plenty of beautiful photo opportunities. Snap a picture and continue down into the valley, before we climb again up the 20km Puerto de la Sia, which borders Cantabria and Castilla-y-León. Here, we'll enjoy a light lunch before heading back over La Lunada, an enjoyable 10km climb with an average 5% featured in Vuelta in 2017. Get ready for a spectacular descent which leads us back to Cantabria region and to our spa hotel. It's a long descent, so get ready for some speed! Relax and enjoy well-deserved rest by the hotel pool. Tonight you are on your own to explore the town and enjoy a meal of your choice.

Today's Ride:

Climb the pride of the Vuelta: Puerto Alisas and La Lunada
Approximately 64 miles with 9,000 feet of climbing


Castilla Termal Balneario de Solares

Included Meals:

Breakfast | Lunch

This morning we will start with a private shuttle which takes us even deeper to the Cantabrian region, complete with hulking, giant mountains on the horizon. Our first climb will be the Collado de Hoz where Alberto Contador attacked and won Stage 17 of the Vuelta in 2012. Today’s ride will copy the stage route as we ride through canyons and gorges to the picturesque mountain village of Potes. Here you can enjoy a lunch on your own, and enjoy the charming boroughs of this mountain getaway. Then, it’s time to finish the last climb – Fuente De, probably one of the most well-known in Picos de Europa. Make sure you have the whole climb in your legs because the top of the col is also your home for tonight. Your bags will be waiting, and when you arrive you can settle into mountain views and enjoy the tranquility of these surroundings. Tonight we will sample traditional mountain dishes at the hotel’s Parador restaurant.

Today's Ride:

Collado de Hoz to Fuente De
Approximately 38 miles with 7,200 feet of climbing


Parador de Fuente Dé

Included Meals:

Breakfast | Dinner

Today, prepare yourself for a challenging and gorgeous loop with classic sweeping views of the Picos de Europa. We'll start by descending off the mountain so we can start climbing again. You’ll head straight onto San Glorio Pass, a 16-mile long climb with an average of 5% to kick off the day. This climb is the highest in the area surrounding Picos de Europa Natural Park and serves as an important pass in the region; also, the scenery of the surrounding mountains is breathtaking! Our next challenge is to summit Puerto del Pontón and journey into Asturias region. Today’s finish is a long, almost 25-mile descent to Cangas de Onís, a lively town known for a 5-arched Roman bridge over the Sella River. This evening you'll share a meal at the hotel, and swap stories of mountain goats, sweeping views, and Spanish glory.

Today's Ride:

San Glorio Pass to Cangas de Onis
Approximately 68 miles with 8,000 feet of climbing


La Cepada

Included Meals:

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Have a good breakfast this morning, and get ready for possibly one of the most famous climbs in Spain: Lagos de Covadonga, a beast featured twenty times at the Vuelta. It's 16 km long with an average gradient of 7.4% with numerous sustained sections in excess of 10%. The climb is almost overshadowed by the majestic surrounding scenery, complete with eagles circling the skies above and the coup de grace is the lakes at the top of Lagos de Covadonga, which gives the climb its name. Take some photos, drink in the views, and then cruise back down and continue on to the hotel. This afternoon is yours to relax or do some shopping in the town. If you're the type who's always looking for more miles, your guides will take you to category 1 climb "EL Fito" for a 360-degree view of the Asturian valleys, mountains, and the Atlantic Ocean. Tonight, enjoy a hearty traditional dinner on your own in town in an anticipation of tomorrow's big day.

Today's Ride:

Covadonga Lakes and back
Approximately 25 miles with 3,600 feet of climbing

Avid Option:

Covadonga Lakes and Mirador de Fitu Loop
Approximately 58 miles with 7,800 feet of climbing


La Cepada

Included Meals:


Few climbs inspire a mix of awe, fear, and grandeur like our queen climb today. Are you ready? You'll awake this morning in anticipation of riding the most feared climb in modern bike racing - the mythical Angliru. We will get on a short shuttle to start at the base of this giant which will challenge you like no other climb. L'Angliru, with its 12.5km hairpin ascent of super-steep bends of up to 23.5% (avg of 10%) was last featured in the 2017 Vuelta when Alberto Contador faced down Chris Froome on his final exit from the sport. Contador won that day and described it as the hardest mountain he has ever climbed. The former Swiss pro, Tony Rominger, rather cryptically said that: "climbing the Angliru is like looking out of the window of a plane". It's the toughest challenge that professional road cycling can offer, so enjoy the victory feeling and soak up its emerald beauty. Tonight, you'll meet for drinks with your mountain goat companions, reliving all the great climbs and descents you've tackled together.

Today's Ride:

L'Angliru Loop
Approximately 28 miles with 5,600 feet of climbing


Hotel Castillo del Bosque La Zoreda

Included Meals:

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

It's hard to believe that our adventure has concluded. The morning is yours to recover after an epic week of cycling. You'll have time for a short spin to loosen the legs, or choose to sleep in for a full recovery. A private Trek Travel shuttle will take you to the Oviedo train station this morning to travel to your final destination. You'll say farewell to your guides at 11:00 AM at the hotel. Please do not schedule a train out of the Oviedo train station before 12:00 PM.

Today's Ride:

Self-guided final ride
Approximately 39 miles with 6,000 feet of climbing


Hotel Castillo del Bosque La Zoreda

Included Meals:



hotel image

Castilla Termal Balneario de Solares

Solares, Spain

This modern hotel is a renovated historical site in a tranquil setting of Solares, complete with a big garden. Spa facilities are a perfect place to relax after a bike ride.
hotel image

Parador de Fuente Dé

Fuente Dé, Spain

This hotel is all location, location, location, just at the end of the road to Fuente De, a foreboding mountain peak in the middle of Picos de Europa, nestled among the region's most beautiful views. Traditional Cantabrian cuisine will await you at the end of long rides to prepare you for the next day.
hotel image

La Cepada

Cangas de Onis, Spain

The Hotel La Cepada is a 4-star hotel located in the quaint town of Cangas de Onis. With the Picos de Europa as a backdrop, this hotel serves as an excellent base for spectacular riding. Make sure you explore the town and walk on the 5-arched Roman Bridge over the Sella River.
hotel image

Hotel Castillo del Bosque La Zoreda

La Manjoya, Oviedo, Spain

Located in the Zoreda oak and chestnut forest 4km from Oviedo, this five-star hotel is a carefully restored early 20th-century villa. Built in 1930, this elegant, classical-style hotel boasts a beautiful location in the Asturian countryside, with great views of the mountains. The interior of Castillo Del Bosque La Zoreda is luxurious and stylish with spacious rooms that boast plenty of natural light. Enjoy breakfast in the hotel in the morning then head out to stroll through the lovely surrounding landscape.
hotel image

Hotel Variation | Parador de Cangas de Onis

Villanueva de Cangas, Spain

This luxury property is a former monastery from the 12th century and, with its modern and welcoming amenities, is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the best of Asturian cuisine. You will stay at this hotel in place of La Cepada on select dates.

What's Included

For us, the details matter most

Every moment of a Trek Travel bike trip has more than you could have ever dreamed. More romance. More scenery. More choice. It's the little additions to every Trek Travel cycling vacation that make it truly special. And that's how we help you create more memories.


Trek Domane SL 7 Disc

It isn’t the cycling vacation of a lifetime unless you have the industry’s best bike to match. In 2019, we upgraded our fleet to feature the award-winning Domane SL 7 with Shimano Ultegra Disc brakes. Because when you combine the lightweight stability and comfort of the Domane with the superior safety and stopping power of disc brakes, you get a match made in cycling heaven. And the best part? It’s included in the trip price. Ride confidently, comfortably and longer in the most beautiful destinations around the world with the new Domane SL 7. Learn More


  • 6 nights of accommodation at handpicked hotels
  • Two experienced guides to provide local knowledge, support, and camaraderie
  • Daily route support with both guides and our support van
  • Daily breakfast, 5 lunches and 4 dinners
  • 2 social hours of drinks and hors d'oeuvres
  • Ride a Trek Domane SL 7 disc
  • Up to three daily route options on riding days
  • Snacks and drinks for each day's ride
  • Trek Travel Bontrager cycling jersey and water bottles to keep
  • Cinch sack day bag to keep
  • Each bike is equipped with a Garmin Edge 1030 GPS computer, flat pack, front and rear Bontrager Flare R lights, a Bontrager saddle and pedals (Shimano clipless road pedals, Shimano clipless mountain pedals, caged or flat pedals)
  • Bontrager WaveCel helmets
  • All gratuities for drivers, local experts and hospitality staff
  • All luggage transfers and transportation during your trip
  • A personalized photo book of your trip
  • Entrance fees for all activities, private tours and events


  • Trek Domane SL 7 disc carbon road bike with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting
  • Trek Travel Bontrager cycling jersey to keep
  • Trek Travel water bottles to keep
  • Shimano clipless road pedals, Shimano clipless mountain pedals, caged or flat pedals
  • Bontrager WaveCel helmet
  • Bontrager men's and women's specific saddles
  • Bontrager front and rear Flare R lights and a flat pack
  • Garmin Edge 1030 GPS computer
  • Cinch sack day bag to keep
  • Upgrade your bike to include carbon wheels (+$200)
  • Coupon valued up to $500 off a new Trek Bicycle. Your coupon will be delivered via email.
  • For the most comfortable ride, you may choose to bring your own pedals, saddle, and helmet on the trip. Your guides will install your gear on the first day during your bike fit.


Gratuities for your Trek Travel guides are not included in your trip price. We recommend tipping 7.5-10% of your trip price for the guide team. Local currency is preferred and unless you want to tip separately, guides will divide tips amongst themselves. Please tip your guides at your discretion, based on their level of professionalism, guest care and service.
  • Airfare and transportation to and from the trip pick-up/drop-off locations
  • Lodging before and after the trip
  • Personal items purchased during the trip
  • Optional activities not scheduled by Trek Travel
  • On select trips some meals are not included. On these trips, Trek Travel invites you to explore the local cuisine at your leisure.

More Information

Rider Level: 4 - Avid?

39 miles
159 miles
6,000 feet
24,400 feet
The terrain is highlighted by stunning views, quiet roads and challenging climbs. We will do sustained climbing with several steep sections. Classic Climbs of Spain is best suited for our Type 4 Riders. Our Trek Travel guides can also easily accommodate Type 3 Riders, who seek less mileage or fewer uphills, with a boost in the van.
This destination is best suited to guests who want to cycle every day. If a non-rider wants to accompany a rider guest on this trip, they would need to spend many hours in the van. There are non-riding options such hiking, walking, sightseeing, cidra tasting or visiting the coast. Non-riding options need to be scheduled before your trip - please contact one of our Trip Consultants at 866.464.8735 for more information. Expenses and/or related transportation to these activities are not included in the trip price. See Included In The Trip Price for more information.

    See itinerary for specific daily ride distances and elevation options. On all of our vacations, Trek Travel strives to find quiet, paved secondary roads or bike paths to experience a region; busy roads are avoided as much as possible. Our itineraries are an approximation of our trips. Trek Travel strives to offer every guest a vacation of a lifetime on every trip. At times routes, hotels, activities, etc. listed here may change at the discretion of the trip designer or guides to improve the trip experience.

    Averages and totals are calculated from our "Avid Ride" options.

    Travel Details

    How to Get There

    Madrid (MAD)
    11:00 AM
    Bilbao Train Station

    Say Farewell

    Oviedo (OVD)
    11:30 AM
    Hotel Castillo del Bosque La Zoreda


    We suggest that you arrive at least one day prior to the trip start, which will enable you to adjust to the time zone and minimize the risk of missing the trip start due to flight-related delays.

    We recommend flying into Madrid Barajas International Airport (MAD) and then taking a separate flight to the Airport of Bilbao (BIO).

    Your Trek Travel guides will meet you at the Bilbao Train station at 11:00 AM on the first day of the trip. A one-hour scenic drive along the rugged coastline, one of the region's special features, will lead us close to Santander. After a leisurely lunch on the coast, your guides will spend time familiarizing you to your Trek bicycle for the week, and ensure that you have a comfortable fit. Today's warm-up ride will take us away from the coast toward the first climb of the week – Pena Cabarga - a local's classic, featured in the Vuelta in 2016 and witness to Chris Froome’s victory. It’s a great introduction to the week as we tackle a few stretches of 19% slope, which will pay you back with stunning views on the Cantabrian sea.

    If you will be late for the pick-up or are going to miss it altogether, please inform your guides. You will receive an email a week before the trip starts with their names and contact details. If you cannot reach them, please call our first hotel, Castilo Termal Solares (+34 942 52 13 13), and leave a message with your expected arrival time and contact details. A taxi from the Bilbao train station to the first night’s hotel will take about one hour and cost around $150.

    View our pre hotel recommendations


    You will say farewell to your guides at 11:00 AM at the Hotel Castillo del Bosque La Zoreda, and will shuttle to the Oviedo train station by 11:30 AM. Please do not book a departing train or flight before 12:00 PM on this day.

    View our post hotel recommendations

    Planning For Your Trip

    Packing and Weather

    Northern Spain is greener and rainier than the typical Spanish description would have you believe. Average temperatures in August range between 60-80F. Our route will take us along the coast and into the mountains, drastically increasing the range of weather we could experience. Dress in layers, to be prepared for shifts between daytime and evening and make sure to bring wet-weather gear in order to best enjoy your vacation. Packing List

    Before and After Your Trip


    Before: Bilbao, Spain

    Bilbao is not only the largest city in the Basque country, but it is also the most important one economically as the region's main port. In recent years, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao has achieved worldwide fame, however, Bilbao has many attractions. The Mercado de la Ribera, popularly called "La Plaza", is the largest covered market in Europe. This beautiful building was built in 1929 on what had once been an open-air market is the heart and soul of the city. Stroll through its many stalls and find the most delicious fish, vegetables and delicacies that give the gastronomy of this city its reputation. Don't miss the wine of this area, either. Simply order the "pintxos go" or the "pintxopoteo". The Pintxos are small tapas or snacks served with bread in the most imaginative and delicious combinations of flavors. Another don't-miss attraction is Artxanda Funicular, a rail line with beautiful views of the city. We recommend the following accommodations for your pre-trip hotel:


    After: Oviedo, Spain

    Asturias is often referred to as "Green Spain" due to its mountainous, lush terrain and breathtaking coastal scenery. Oviedo, Spain is the capital city and acts as the administrative and commercial hub of the region. The central area of the city is 227 meters above sea-level and Mount Naranco acts as a shield for the region against the winds from the north, while the southern section is fenced by the Aramo Range. Since its inception, the region has been an integral part of the Asturian monarchy and is perhaps the best seat of pre-Romanesque art. We recommend the following accommodations for your post-trip hotel:

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