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Norway Fjordlands Bike Tour

Discover fjord and glacier country on the Sognefjellet Scenic Route

Tour Duration

6D / 5N

Trip Style

Signature, Classic Guided

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Hotel Level



Trek Domane SL 7
Trek Electric-Assist Verve+
Trek Electric-Assist Domane+ SLR 7

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$4,899.00 per person

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Explore the natural beauty of Norway by bike with its awe-inspiring landscapes and fjords that have captivated travelers for centuries.

Raw. Powerful. Untouched. Norway's unique countryside offers an exceptional cycling destination. From majestic glaciers to dramatic mountains, this Nordic terrain is a cyclist’s paradise. Our Norway bike tour uncovers the best of fjord country, providing unparalleled views and experiences. Ride the Sognefjellet National Tourist Route, marvel at the Jostedalsbreen glacier, and explore the Lustrafjord, one of Norway’s longest and deepest fjords. Visit Urnes Stave Church, Norway’s oldest stave church and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and hike to one of Norway’s most impressive waterfalls. Join us on an adventure through Norway’s stunning natural beauty and discover why it’s Mother Nature’s crown jewel.

Trip Wows
  • Visit the magical Urnes Stave Church, not only the oldest stave church in Norway but also a proud UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Pedal against the icy blue backdrop of the gargantuan Nigardsbreen and Bergset glaciers

  • Enjoy a RIB boat adventure across the Lustrafjord to admire the majestic fjord scenery from a unique perspective

  • Ride Sognefjellet Mountain Pass, the highest in northern Europe and marvel at the tallest mountain range in all of Norway as you pass through Jotunheimen National Park

  • Delight in a 30-minute hike to one of the most impressive waterfalls of Norway

NO:cyclist riding along the fjord

Ride on quiet roads along the beautiful fjords

Norwegian Fjords: A Cyclist's Dream

You'll discover the serene beauty of Norway's fjords, featuring the Sognefjellet National Tourist Route, the majestic Jostedalsbreen glacier, and the tranquil Lustrafjord.

What Guests are Saying
Cyclists riding along a fjord

I have worked for a Trek dealer for 10 years, and have had several friends and customers go on these trips, so I had high expectations going into this. Needless to say, this trip exceeded every single one of those expectations by a mile. I was blown away by the riding, the activities, the hosts, the accommodations, everything. This was a truly wonderful experience, and one that I am excited to tell my friends, family, and customers about when I get home!

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James C., Trek Travel Guest

To me this trip embodied the idea Trek Travel experience. The riding provided a good challenge without being too overwhelming, all in spectacular scenery. The pace of the trip felt relaxing and there was just the right amount of off-bike experiences.

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Gary T., Trek Travel Guest

It was clearly a shared opinion by everyone on this trip that it was terrific. Obviously the setting was extraordinary, and the planning and execution of the tour by Trek Travel generally was terrific. Even with all of that, the quality and pleasure provided by Alvaro and Pavel really made the trip. As my first Trek Travel experience, I was expecting a wonderful "bike tour" and came away thrilled with what was in fact a wonderful "adventure" bike tour. Memorable for a long time to come.

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Mike R., Trek Travel Guest

Stave Church in Urnes

Honestly when I booked the trip I assumed the non-bike experiences would be touristy and maybe not worthwhile. I was 100% wrong. These were some of the highlights of the trip, clearly picked by people with local knowledge of the area, and were a wonderful way to augment the riding of the trip. The guides had even clearly become friendly with the organizers of these excursions and they were all extremely accommodating. I had a blast on every one of these and am so glad they were a part of the trip!

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James C., Trek Travel Guest

NO:RIB boayt adventure across the fjord

The off-the-bike experiences were a delight and fit well with the overall "adventure" element of the bike tour. Particular full marks to the RIB boat adventure, and to the RIB boat pilot/guide who provided a warm, knowledgeable, and fun element to the experience.

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Mike R., Trek Travel Guest

NO:aperitif at Torvis hotel

The meals were great. Local ingredients/cuisine without being too fancy and just the right amount of food. Just what I expect from a Trek Travel experience.

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Gary T., Trek Travel Guest

NO:RIB boat adventure across the fjord

Loved to see the Stave church and do the boat ride and hike. Great to mix these into a decent amount of cycling.

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Carolyn H., Trek Travel Guest

NO:lunch at Walaker hotel

Every single meal was wonderful. It was so nice not to have to worry about figuring out food once during the whole trip. I also enjoyed the mix of having formal dinners some nights and casual on others, it was very nice to change things up.

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James C., Trek Travel Guest

NO:cyclist along the fjord

Trek Travel always get it right. The cycling always includes the National Park, UNESCO site and in this case the fjord cycling.
It was a wonderful destination, great cycling, spectacular trip and mostly it was fun.

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Mary Ellen T., Trek Travel Guest

cyclist along fjord

We thoroughly enjoyed all the rides during our trip. Everything was organized perfectly and the scenery and landscapes were spectacular!

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Cheryl P., Trek Travel Guest

Sognefjellet Pass

Great Ride

The iconic Sognefjellet mountain pass

Experience Great Ride #8 on our List of Great Global Rides. Enjoy the most iconic glacial landscape in Norway as you climb the highest pass in northern Europe.

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