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Summit the Highest Peak in the Eastern US this Labor Day

Trek Travel salutes the season’s “last hurrah” with their new Asheville to Brevard Bike Tour this Labor Day. Guests will summit the highest peak in the eastern US, enjoy Southern-inspired cuisine, bluegrass music, and the local microbrew scene, relaxing for a few days in modern forest lodges around Pisgah National Forest.

Bike the Blue Ridge Parkway by day, then soak up Brevard’s vibes by night equipped with a racy Trek Domane SL7 Di2 carbon road bike. Every roadie (and maybe mountain bikers too) should summit Mount Mitchell by bike – the highest point east of the Mississippi at 6684ft/2037m.

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Best Brews Vermont Edition

After an unforgettable bike trip through the picturesque forests and winding roads of the Vermont country side, there are few things better than kicking back and sipping on some of the best micro-brews the Green Mountain State has to offer. We’ve lined up our favorite pints and bites for you to try as you pedal your way through each stop of the Vermont Brewery Bike Tour. Cheers!

Enjoy local beer at Fiddlehead Brewery on a Vermont Brewery Bike Tour

Where: Fiddlehead Brewery
What: Enjoy a Fiddlehead IPA
What’s better than pizza and beer? Grab a glass then head next door for a bite of Folino’s Margherita pie. It’s their specialty, and a Vermont must-try.

Enjoy local beer at Otter Creek on a Vermont Brewery bike tour

Where: Otter Creek Brewing Company
What: Belly up to the bar for a Free Flow IPA
Try it with the Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese with Jalapeño Pesto. It’s the perfect marriage of heat and hops, and a combination you won’t forget.

Enjoy local beer at Prohibition Pig on a Vermont Brewery Bike Tour

Where: Prohibition Pig
What: A pint of Bantam at a neighborhood hot spot
Refuel on the deck with one of the best IPAs around and a spread of tacos made from all local ingredients and house-smoked meat. Simple and satisfying.

Enjoy local beer at Stone Corral Brewery on a Vermont Brewery Bike Tour

Where: Stone Corral Brewing
What: Sip on a top-rated Maple Porter or enjoy a pint of the Palomino Pale APA
They say it’s the “freshest water in the United States” that helps make their impressive lineup of brews so delicious. Pair with a cheese board featuring a variety of Vermont’s best cheeses, sweet and crunchy candied walnuts, crisp apple slices and cranberry jam.

Enjoy local beer at Lost Nation Brewery on a Vermont Brewery Bike Tour

Where: Lost Nation Brewing
What: From a crisp Gose to a rich Pitch Black Ale, fuel up with a flight
As they say, “When in Rome do as the Romans do,” that means ordering a roasted pork Cubano or crispy Tempeh Reuben sandwich to go with your flight–they’re local favorites.

Enjoy local beer at Von Trapp Family Bierhall on a Vermont Brewery Bike Tour

Where: Von Trapp Brewery
What: A variety of Austrian lagers
Visit the historic Von Trapp Family Bierhall for your choice of flavorful crisp lagers and meals inspired by the Von Trapp’s ancestral Austria. Be sure to check out the working wood-fired Parrilla grill that is the showcase feature of the Bierhall.


Experience a brewery bike tour in Vermont.

Bicycling and beer tastings

“I’m kind of an iced-tea guy most of the time, but a cold beer after a long bike ride on a hot day sure tastes good. Especially when it’s a “beermosa,” orange juice blended with some suds. For avid cyclists who prefer craft beer, Trek Travel will offer three separate cycling tours this summer and fall that the active travel outfit says serve up some of the country’s best microbrews.”

Brian E. Clark | May 17, 2016

Los Angeles Times: Bicycling and beer tastings: 3 tough tours where spokes and suds collide

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Guest Choice: Bend, Oregon

A bustling mountain town of more than 82,000 people, Bend has made its way into the limelight and stolen the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. With a population that has quadrupled in just two decades and a vivacious tourism economy, it’s a good thing this outdoor mecca is chalk full with enough activity for all its admirers.

On our Crater Lake and Oregon Cascades and Bend Mountain Bike vacations, not only will you have the opportunity to take in panoramic vistas of the crystal blue Crater Lake or experience world class riding on an expansive network of trails, but you will also have the chance to explore our favorite recreation destination: Bend, Oregon. Be sure to take advantage of the many adventures available in town–rafting, hiking, golf, and more–before satisfying your taste buds at one of the eclectic and delicious local eateries.
Experience the outdoor mecca of Bend, OR on a Trek Travel cycling vacation
Where To Go For Drinks: Bend is synonymous with amazing beer. With a startling abundance of world-class breweries clustered close together like the gold at the end of a big, beer rainbow, Bend has been dubbed Beer Town USA. Trek Travel guides sometimes fancy themselves as beer connoisseurs, and the unparalleled local favorite amongst our team is the renowned Deschutes Brewery. Just a 3-minute walk from your hotel, the original Deschutes Public House has been a vibrant fixture of the downtown scene since 1988. Not only can you find their very first beer–the Black Butte Porter–still brewed with craft and passion, but there are a total of 19 full-flavored taps available to satisfy your taste buds. If you’re not afraid to explore the many nuances and endless possibilities of the almighty hop, try our favorite Fresh Squeezed IPA.

Where To Go For Dinner: After sharing a round with family or friends, stroll down the block to Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails for incredible Northwest cuisine with a southern twist. Chef Steve Halt’s from-scratch kitchen is focused on freshness and quality ingredients, and features a full gluten free menu. Arguably the most well-loved restaurant in town, and a 2014 restaurant of the year winner, Zydeco’s confident combinations such as Barbecue Shrimp & Grits or Shrimp, Andouille & Crawfish Jambalaya consistently impress even the most discerning palates. Besides, our guides are pretty sure they have the best dirty martini in town.
Visit the award-winning Zydeco Kitchen  on Trek Travel's Crater Lake cycling vacation
Where To Go Out: After a delightful meal with even better company, cap off your night out in Bend with a stroll through Drake Park on your way back to the Oxford Hotel. With one-half mile of riverfront property, this is truly the centerpiece of downtown Bend’s extensive park system. The perfect way to unwind after another adventurous day, take in the picturesque reflection of Mount Bachelor off Mirror Pond or meander along the Deschutes River while admiring the majestic ponderosa pine and deciduous hardwoods.

Check out Mirror Pond and Drake Park in Bend, Oregon on a Trek Travel cycling vacation

About Guest Choice:
You will often hear us say, “It’s your day, you decide,” because our smaller group size allows the flexibility for you to decide how your day unfolds. In addition to multiple daily ride options and shuttle flexibility, this also means that we offer ‘guest choice’ nights designed for you to indulge at a local restaurant of your choosing, or explore the local sites. Whether you want to order take-out while relaxing by the hotel pool or get dressed up for a fancy dinner in town, guest choice nights let you craft your own perfect evening.

Across the sea to Ireland

As one Irish actor told me in a Dublin pub…”I like the English. In fact my wife is English. That being said, I don’t care much for the British.” That barb was followed by a knowing Irish wink and another sip of beer.

Like Americans, the Irish also speak English. But it is a far different version of our flat twang, and it takes a while for Americans to develop an ear for the colorful lilt of the Irish tongue, especially in the beautiful green countryside, where the rural folks speak in a heavier local version of the language.

The fondest memory I have of Ireland occurred in the small town of Oranmore outside of Galway. It was when our large clan went to a nice, polite brunch of Irish salmon. Upon exiting the restaurant my father spied a thatched roof pub across the lane named McDonough’s. With a touch of the dramatic Dad said, “Follow me. I’ve been wanting to do this my entire life.” He proceeded to lead his wife and six adult children into the bar and announced with a broad smile, “We’re the Roaches of America and we’d like to buy the pub a round!”

There were some twenty folks in the bar, and we were witness to one of the great Irish rituals…the pouring of the Guinness. Twenty large pints were lined along the bar and then with ceremony rivaling a papal coronation, the bartender minded each glass so that the rich head of the brew would be allowed to rise and breathe for the perfect amount of time before being served.

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Visit the cliffs of Ireland on a Trek Travel cycling trip.

Top 10 Beers of the World

As the office staff of Trek Travel, we steal moments of daylight to ride anytime the opportunity presents itself. We spin past cornfields amidst misty sunrises and chase horizons around the lake on summer nights. And then with bikes hung up and another loop behind us, we raise our glass to savor the hops and toast with a well-balanced brew.

Pliny the Elder

Pliny the Elder is a well-balanced double IPA out of Santa Rosa, California’s famous Russian River Brewery. In my humble opinion, it’s one of the best double IPA’s. Anytime I visit California, I search out bottles of this stuff. Bottle shops often restrict purchase of this elusive beer because the demand is so high; the most I’ve ever been able to take home with me is 3 bottles. Most of the time shops sell out within a few days of receiving a shipment. This beer carries a fairly robust 8% ABV, and spectacular hop flavor thanks to multiple additions throughout the brewing process. Next time you find yourself in California, ask for this one by name. – Mark Thomsen

Blanche de Bruxelles

As a kid, my family spent six months living in Brussles, Belgium. At 12 years old, chocolate and waffles were the staples of my diet. Now, many years and an ocean away, the one thing that takes me back to our life abroad is a hearty plate of moules et frites and a delicious Belgian witbier. I’ve always favored light beers and while there are many great options, nothing can beat an ice cold Blanche de Bruxelles. It’s a typical wheat beer in many ways–light, smooth, well-balanced and fresh. But the brewing method is methodical and the coriander and orange peel add incredibly unique flavors. With the Spring Classics upon us, I recommend you head to the pub for frites and see if you can find this one on tap. – Katherine Usher

Heady Topper

Rated number one in the world by Beer Advocate, Heady Toppy is the flagship beer of the Alchemist brewery in Waterbury, Vermont. Only sold locally in limited production, this unfiltered American Double IPA perfectly combines citrus and hops without the undesired bitterness of many beers in its category. After guiding trips in Vermont, I can speak first hand to the craze that occurs when this incredible product hits the shelves—it sells out within hours of being released. In fact, it is so popular that the brewery is now closed to the public after neighbors complained of the noise and revelry. Next time you make your way east, be sure to get in line for a 4-pack. But don’t forget to drink it straight from the can. – Jenny Binkowski

Lagunitas Czech Pils

Lagunitas Czech Pils is easily one of my favorite beers. Most beer drinkers love a good IPA, and I do too, but this Pilsner takes the cake for me. It comes from Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma, California, the working heart and soul of Sonoma County. It’s a crisp, refreshing and super drinkable at any time of the year. It’s obviously best served in a frosty glass under the beating hot summer sun, but a snowy day in the Midwest will work too. If you want a twist on a classic, take one down with a little splash of San Pellegrino Limonata to make a Shandy like you’ve never had. It’s the best recovery drink after long, hot summer rides. – Greg Lyeki

Westvleteren 12

Westvleteren 12 is considered by many to be the best beer in the world, and I’ve been lucky enough to let this beer grace my lips. It’s difficult to objectively determine the “World’s Best Beer,” but once you taste this brew you will completely understand. First, it’s a Trappist. For me, Trappist beers are just fantastic. Unfortunately it might be one of the most difficult beers to find unless you know someone heading to Belgium, and even there it’s hard to get. As far as the characteristics of the beer go, it’s a great pour, wonderful aroma and dark in appearance with a light brown head. It’s incredibly complex with hints of caramel, chocolate, malt and dark fruits. All without any bite in the end. Time for me to head back to Belgium! – Sean Peotter
*This is also Fabian Cancellara’s favorite.
Fabian Cancellara Wine and Beer Collection

Moon Man

When most Wisconsinites think of New Glarus Brewing Co., they immediately think of their famous Farmhouse Ale, Spotted Cow. Though I have no beef with Wisconsin’s most beloved craft beer, I always keep my fridge stocked with one of New Glarus’ other gems—Moon Man. Labeled as a ‘No Coast Pale Ale’, its hops add just the right amount of flavor without being overpowering. As the brewery puts it, Moon Man is “Bold and engaging without pretense, because in Wisconsin you do not have to be extreme to be real.” Not located in Wisconsin? Sorry, you cannot get this beer outside our borders. You’ll have to come visit to try it for yourself! – Lindsay Juley

Buckler and Hopalicious

My favorite beer is a cold one. But if I had to narrow it down, I have two current favorites. First, and probably not what you would expect, is a non-alcoholic beer. Brewed by Heineken, Buckler is my go-to beer when I want something cold, refreshing and light that tastes pretty darn close to the real thing. Some people ask, “What’s the point?” Well, if you like beer but don’t want alcohol, this is my pick. My second favorite is Hopalicious. Love the name and enjoy that Ale Asylum brewery is located here in Madison. This very drinkable American Pale Ale, full of hops with a fresh citrus taste, is especially great when paired with a Usinger Brat! – Tania Burke

Woodchuck Hard Cider

Before my beer-loving Trek Travel friends start jumping all over me, let me build my case for the ciders of the world! Whether your dietary restrictions don’t allow for a beer or you just don’t like the taste, ciders are on the rise and for good reason. My top pick is always Woodchuck’s Seasonal Summer cider. It has great blueberry tones and isn’t too sweet. To me, this hard cider tastes just like a summer day—crisp and refreshing. The company name is pretty great too, paying reference to the “Vermontiest of Vermonters” who are sometimes called “Woodchucks.” Next time you want to try something new, or reminisce on your blueberry-picking days, I highly recommend a bottle of summer cider. – Jana Bowman

Hoppy Poppy

I always look forward to southern California adventures with the chance of enjoying my favorite west coast IPA. Weighing in at 65 IBU’s and a solid 6.5% alcohol, Hoppy Poppy IPA from Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company has a distinct hop forward taste and dry finish. Balanced with a slightly lighter body than other IPA favorites, its crisp golden hue and touch of poppy seeds present a brilliant floral flavor and aroma reminiscent of Figueroa Mountain in springtime. “The Fig”, located in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, bursts with its famous California Poppies during spring months and proves a cyclists dream year round, rewarding climbers with views for days. No matter the adventure, an ice-cold Hoppy Poppy is forever at the top of my list as an excellent thirst-quencher! – Brie Willey
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