I have been lucky enough to collectively spend 2 years in Tuscany guiding and researching new trips, and when people ask what my favorite TT trip is, although hard to choose I pick Tuscany.  It really lives up to its reputation. Great wine, food, people, hotels, picturesque cypress lined drives, riding.  For me not one of those items stands out on it’s own.  It’s the blend of all these simple things that make it special; moments like watching the sunset over the Chianti hills, tasting wild boar ragu, watching the old men chat in the parks, the scent of Pecorino cheese wafting out of the stores in Pienza, taking a photo of the loan cypress tree on the top of a hill, tasting Brunello di Montalcino – in Montalcino, riding on some of the smoothest black topped roads through small villages, eating vine ripe tomatoes with just olive oil and salt. I could go on forever.  I would live in Italy again if the opportunity arose but for now I just feel lucky to have spent the time there that I did. If you love to travel and bike – don’t miss Tuscany!