Dear Marriage Advisor:  I have a “friend” who just confessed to his wife that he has been lusting in his heart for a new bike. She should have known it was coming. My friend had been talking about getting another bike ever since Harry showed up for our morning ride with a brand new cherry red Madone with all the fixin’s. Since then, my friend has been spending increasing amounts of time surfing Trek’s Project One site, marveling at the nearly limitless combinations of frames, paint schemes, and components. Whenever he had to go out of the room, my friend strategically left the computer on in full view of his wife. Still, my friend knew that it would be a hard sell. He already had three Trek bikes of different vintages, the most recent of which was just six years old and still looked brand new.

My friend confessed his desire to his wife as they were getting dressed for a party. Her immediate response was, “Why do you need another bike? You can only ride one at a time!” Now, mind you, she said this in all seriousness as she searched through her five-tiered jewelry chest for the perfect pair of earrings to match her outfit. My friend couldn’t help from pointing out that several of her options contained carbon in a different form, were nearly as expensive as a bike, and that she, too, could only wear one pair at a time. Wrong move.
Here’s where my friend could use your help. What should he say to convince his wife of 30 years (whom he loves very much if she is reading this) that he should get a new bike? Please choose from the options below, or respond with your own:

A) My friend should buy the Trek Madone and deal with the ramifications at a later date. (Not recommended)
B) My friend should buy his wife a new pair of earrings and try again. (A costly gambit)
C) My friend should offer to take his wife on Trek Travel’s California Wine Country trip or Vermont bike trip so she will get a chance to ride the latest Madone and understand. (Preferred option)

Other ideas will be gratefully accepted. My “friend” really needs your help!