At Trek Travel, our mission is simple: to show people the world by bike, at their pace, every time, with unrivaled support and flexibility, and to encourage a passion for cycling. We are motivated by this mission and work tirelessly to make it a reality. Nevertheless, although cycling is the foundation of our business, we aren’t just a bunch of gear heads who only talk about bikes.

The individuals that make up our company come from a variety of backgrounds. We are fashion designers, ski instructors, volcanologists, photographers, biologists, artists, teachers, nurses, yogis, and basketball players. Trek Travel Guides enjoying time offAnd that barely scratches the surface of what we have done. Collectively, we are passionate about people and enthusiastic about the experiences we provide.

It comes as no surprise that we are outdoor fanatics–invigorated by fresh air and rejuvenated by open spaces. We love the bicycle because it provides that for us. But we enjoy the finer things in life as well. A meal made with fresh, local ingredients, a great story, or a cold craft beer. We look forward to breathtaking sunsets, jovial laughter, fine wine, and exceptional craftsmanship. The warmth of old friendships, the stillness of the morning, and the changing of the seasons shape who we are.

The depth of our team makes it easier to connect both with coworkers and our guests. We truly enjoy each other’s company and our vacations are enhanced as a result. Every guest’s experience is better because we learn from one another. Trek Travel Guide MeetingsThough we’ve worked together for years, each day presents surprises as we constantly discover new things and our unique personalities make us better as a team.

Surely we are all passionate about the bikes we offer on our vacations and energized by the remarkable rides we’ve been fortunate enough to experience. While it’d be impossible to summarize all the joy that the bicycle has given us—both individually and collectively—I can assure you that we have just as much fun off the bike as we do on it. This decisive blend of work and pleasure is evident on every trip.