Warning: pictures barely do it justice.

Our Chile bike tour introduces you to a combination of mountainous terrain and natural beauty like you’ve never seen. So when Trek Travel cycling guide and professional photographer Zack Jones had the chance to guide our first ever Chile trip, he jumped at the opportunity without a moment’s hesitation.

Over the past 15 years, Zack has continually surprised and delighted Trek Travel guests with stunning imagery and exceptional service. So we sent him down to South America with one assignment: capture all that Chile has to offer. The Araucarias UNESCO Reserve and Kütralkura Geopark. The outdoor mecca of Pucón, situated on a lake beneath the Villarrica volcano. The Seven Lakes route that leads into the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve. And the region’s finest hotels, with majestic views and celebrity pedigrees.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve created a collection of our favorite photographs from our first season in Chile.


Join us for a Chilean adventure!

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