For Father’s Day we chatted with a few TT dads about dream bikes and post-ride drinks. You know, dad stuff. Read on to learn more about some of the coolest dads we know.

Ben Trek Travel Father's Day

Where/what is your favorite ride? Any ride with my wife. We used to spend hours talking and riding in the mountains, kids change that a little but any ride with her is better than any ride without her. The best ride with her in recent memory was the Colorado National Monument Loop in Grand Junction.

Dream bike? Boone RSL, with Sram CX1 and Bontrager Aeolus Tubular Wheels and Dugast tires.

Favorite post-ride drink? Depends on the ride. If it is a hard ride, I prefer to have a GU Vanilla Recovery Shake. If it is not too hard, then there is nothing quite as good as an ice cold Stella Artois.

Favorite piece of gear? Cycling Related but not a bike would be Bontrager XXX Lite Shoes or Oakley Jawbreakers. Not cycling related would be a 1975 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40.

Mark Trek Travel Father's Day

Where/what is your favorite ride? The Whole Enchilada mountain bike ride in Moab, Utah. Just an incredible downhill mountain bike ride through all sorts of different natural environments.

Dream bike? Handmade, fully custom, Vanilla road bike. I think the wait list is around 7 years.

Favorite post-ride drink? A local IPA to the place I am riding in. Especially if I’m out on a deck with friends.

Favorite piece of gear? A dropper seat post. How did I ride mountain bikes before without one?

Sean Trek Travel Father's Day

Where/what is your favorite ride? Around the lake with my family.

Dream bike? An OCLV aero penny farthing. Boom.

Favorite post-ride drink? A cold Hopalicious or any IPA for that matter.

Favorite piece of gear? My DeWalt Planer. It takes rough lumber and makes it into dimensional lumber so you can build things (nerd). I got it for last Father’s Day, I’m most excited to use it to build an exotic wood Jenga set. I’d also love a Rancilio Silvia espresso machine.