We want to show you the best of the world by bike and have you enjoy every moment along the way, that’s why we put a priority on safety. Before your next ride, read up on our top safety tips from guides who live their life on the road and learn about the gear that makes a big difference.


Protect your noggin’. You can’t always predict how a ride is going to go, but you can head out as prepared as possible to ride safely.


Did you know that daytime lights can reduce the risk of accidents by up to 50 percent? That’s why we include a Bontrager Flare R daytime tail light on all our bikes and all our trips, so you can enjoy the scenery without the worry.


Ride in a single-file line, leaving at least two bike lengths between you and the rider ahead of you—more if descending. Also don’t forget to maintain a safe distance between you and the edge of the road!


Always keep your eyes on the road and fellow cyclists in front of you when riding and keep a lookout for bumps, rocks, cars, gravel, water, or other hazards on the road and be sure to point them out physically or verbally to other riders.


Use the appropriate hand signals when stopping, slowing down, and turning, obey all traffic signs, hold your line, and be prepared for vehicles to pass.


Always ride within your limits and comfort zone when it comes to speed and difficult terrain. If you feel uncomfortable, slow down or stop and take a beat!

Bontrager Flare RT Rear Bike Light

Ion 800 R and Flare RT

Light up the road or trail with a Bontrager Ion 800 R and be seen from over two kilometers day or night with the Bontrager Flare RT Tail Light.

Bontrager Circuit Windshell Vest

Bontrager Circuit Windshell Vest

Slip through headwinds undetected but stay visible to passing cars with the Bontrager Circuit Windshell Vest.

Bontrager Starvos Road Shoes and Race Socks

Starvos Road Shoe and Race Socks

On a bike, the unique up and down pedaling motion is what makes you recognizable as human. Be visible with fluorescent socks, shoes, covers, or warmers like the Bontrager Starvos Road Shoe and Bontrager Race Cycling Socks

Bontrager Velocis Road Helmet

Bontrager Velocis MIPS Road Helmet

Top it all off with a Bontrager Velocis Road Helmet that isn’t only highly visible, but that also pairs pro peloton performance with all-day riding comfort.

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