We’re proud to introduce the newest, most advanced way to ride longer, farther and faster than ever before. Because we know that travelers like you enjoy a unique, memorable and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Read on for our top 6 e-bike tours —from the vineyards of California to the rolling hills of Tuscany.

1. California Wine Country

Saturate your senses in one of the world’s premier cycling regions. Napa and Sonoma Valleys provide an uncommon blend of panoramic views, flavorful wines, and elegant country living along quiet back roads. Pedal through sun-drenched vineyards and famed centuries-old Armstrong Redwoods, easily climbing every hill in your path. You’ll eat well, drink even better, and savor all the rich flavors that have made this area famous.

Trek Travel's California Wine Luxury Cycling Vacation

2. Tuscany

A breathtaking blend of great cycling, awe-inspiring scenery and the finest food and sumptuous hotels await the discerning traveler. Pedal along Cyprus tree-lined lanes and lush vineyards into the heart of the Chianti wine region where time appears to stand still and vibrant local markets await your arrival. Here you’ll feast on Michelin-starred Tuscan cuisine and perfect your pizza spin with our expert pizzaiolo, all while staying in hotels known for centuries as the height of luxury. Sun-drenched landscapes, the warmth of the Tuscan locals, and the region’s incredible cuisine and wine are the recipes for an unforgettable and magical Tuscany e-bike tour.

Trek Travel's Tuscany Luxury Cycling Vacation

“Although he is the cyclist, I enjoyed the trip as much, if not more! Even though my skill-level was nowhere near the rest of the group, I was able keep up with (and at times, pass up) the others when I used the electric assist bike. I was so happy to not have missed the Tuscan landscapes while riding, which are as beautiful as you see in any postcard or painting. The off-bike experiences were phenomenal.”
– Dawn

3. Provence

While some other destinations exist, Provence blossoms. Here, the world is in full bloom, from rich, fragrant, local recipes that awaken your senses to the countryside alive with color, to stunning vistas across lavender fields and the towering Mont Ventoux. It may sound cliché to say that one place “has it all,” but in the case of Provence it’s true. Especially if “all” includes Michelin-starred restaurants, world-class bike rides at whatever pace you choose and the comfort of a luxurious farmhouse that’s been converted to a Relais & Chateaux property, which will serve as your home for the duration. It’s pure luxury on and off the bike.

Trek Travel Provence Luxury Cycling Vacation

4. Croatia

From historic Dubrovnik to the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, there are more reasons to love Croatia than we can count. A perfect cycling tour along the Dalmatian Coast, where from the start, you’ll lose your heart to captivating, historic Dubrovnik, whose centuries-old city walls and fortresses surround an enchanting, romantic Old Town. As you move along to the unforgettable port of Split, you’ll visit sun-kissed islands and ride along ancient stone terraces carpeted in lavender without breaking a sweat. Enjoy the unspoiled beaches of Korcula, discover tiny hamlets ringed by olive trees and vineyards, and explore deserted coves near chic, glamorous Hvar Town.

Trek Travel's Croatia Cycling Vacation

5. Costa Brava

The gentle hills made even gentler by electric-assist and the soothing ocean breezes of southern Spain beckon us to return. From nights in a seaside Iberian villa to days spent cruising the Empordà plain, this Mediterranean paradise offers a perfect mixture of lively culture, fabulous cuisine, and varied terrain for all levels of riders. This is Spain. And that’s something special all its own.

Trek Travel's Costa Brava Cycling Vacation

“My husband is an avid cyclist and I was initially hesitant to do this trip. However, the electric-boost bike allowed me to keep up with him and now I am the biggest cheerleader for Trek Travel bike tours! I am already planning our next adventure!”
– Lisa

6. Andalucia

You don’t just visit Andalucia. You feel it. Home to flamenco, gazpacho, and the kind of glamour that Spain is known for, this cycling vacation is the perfect getaway and the perfect opportunity explore by e-bike. You’ll drink in the rich splendor of this elegant and charming region – from the sun-drenched “pueblos blancos” to tranquil mountain passes and limestone peaks. This is a place so immersive, so distinctive and so sophisticated, it makes regular life look entirely too regular.

Trek Travel's Andalucia Cycling Vacation