This year guest Christian Notte set out to climb more than the height of Everest while on trip during the Giro d’Italia. Not only did he achieve his goal, but he topped it by 5,942 feet.

Christian! We’re so excited to hear about what inspired this. But first, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.
I’m 49 years old, and I live in Destin, FL. My undergraduate and graduate degrees are in Clinical Psychology from the University of Georgia and I now work within the Neuroscience Division of Johnson & Johnson. I’ve been extremely passionate about cycling since I was in middle school. At the age of 13, I cut yards to save money for my first Trek. Later, I experienced the Tour de France while I was an exchange student in Europe and after college I backpacked throughout France to view as many stages as I could. My passion for both Trek and cycling go back many years!

How did you find Trek Travel?
In 2012, I experienced some life challenges and decided to get back on the bike and do what I love–cycling. I spent years going to numerous bike shops to look at various bike manufactures and after significant consideration I decided to go back to my first bike experience–Trek.

In 2015, I received an e-mail regarding the Trek Travel Project One Experience. I immediately called your home office and spoke with Katherine Usher. She was extremely professional and excited for my opportunity to create my dream bike with a visit to Waterloo, Wisconsin. Not only did I do the design experience but I also did the pick-up experience! Hence, two adventures to your headquarters! After those phenomenal experiences, I signed up for the 2016 Tour de France and the 2017 Giro. Now I’m signing up for the 2018 Vuelta! My goal…to complete the three Grand Tours ALL with Trek Travel–Tour de France, Giro, and Vuelta! The Vuelta will be my 5th Trek Travel adventure!

Christian Notte Everest Challenge Trek Travel Cycling Vacations

What trips have you gone on so far?
2015 October Project One design
2015 December Project One pick-up
2016 Tour De France–Grand Tour number 1
2017 Giro d’Italia–Grand Tour number 2
2018 Vuelta a Espana–Grand Tour number 3
2019 Head to the Classics–Flanders and Paris-Roubaix

What keeps you coming back?
The people. The Trek Travel staff has been nothing short of incredible. They are extremely professional and absolutely FUN! Also, the concept of being able to travel the world via bike with the guidance and support of experienced cycling guides can’t be surpassed. After experiencing just one Trek Travel trip, every true cyclist will embrace another opportunity to see the world with Trek Travel.

Do you have a most memorable day on the bike?
Project One Experience. After years of planning, it’s the day I went to Waterloo, Wisconsin for my second visit to pick up my Trek Domane Project One bike. All available employees surrounded me and the stage. A curtain hid my bike. After an announcement, they slowly pulled the curtain back and there was my dream bike. I’ll never forget it!

Christian Notte Everest Challenge Trek Travel Cycling Vacations

When you aren’t riding bikes on trip or at home what are you doing?
I enjoy riding my Harley-Davidson, saltwater fishing and chill’n at the beach with my girlfriend.

Tell us a little about your quest to climb more than the elevation of Everest.
While flying back from my Trek Travel Tour de France adventure, I started to dream of my next goal. I decided on the 100th Anniversary of the Giro d’Italia. During a training ride to prepare for the mountains of the Giro, I decided I would exceed the height of Mount Everest. While in Italy, I needed additional climbing and asked my guide if I could ride additional mountains. Utilizing my Garmin, I tracked my progress every day to make sure I accomplished all 29,029 feet. After the first week I did it!

May 21st 2,474 feet, 22nd 8,225 feet, 23rd 5,007 feet, 24th 1,847 feet, 25th 10,190 feet, 26th 7,228 feet.

Total Christian Climbing= 34,971 feet
Mount Everest Height= 29,029 feet

What made you decide to tackle such a huge challenge?
I wanted to conquer Everest for the same reasons as the professional mountain climbers. The true sense of accomplishment and the fulfillment of a dream. When asked by the Trek Project One team what I wanted painted on my top tube, there was only one answer for me… “Carpe Diem”. I seized My Everest!

Christian Notte Everest Challenge Trek Travel Cycling Vacations

What challenge do you have on deck next?
I want to complete all three Grand Tours via Trek Travel. I’m excited about this year’s Vuelta, and I’m training very hard to get in the best shape I can to climb another Everest.

What are you looking forward to most at the Vuelta?
The people. I’m looking forward to meeting the guides and guests from all over the world. Cycling has changed my life including helping me develop incredible friendships that would not exist had it not been for my personal decision to get back on the bike.

Dream Trek Travel trip?
A Trek Travel dream trip would include the Australia Santos Tour Down Under for one week followed by one week touring New Zealand.

Christian Notte Everest Challenge Trek Travel Cycling Vacations

And just a few for fun…
What’s your winter training looking like?
I’m a big fan of having an indoor trainer. If you live in a climate where the weather makes cycling impossible and/or you have an active career a trainer is a must. Although I live in the Panhandle of Florida, the weather can get down to the 20s which can make an early ride a little chilly. After work, I may get home and it’s dark outside which can make training tough. Recently, I purchased a Tacx Neo trainer which has had a huge impact on my training. This allows me to train day or night regardless of weather conditions so when I’m able to do my road training, I’m much more effective. Although there is Zwift, I DVR-record numerous cycling events which helps the training be more enjoyable.

Cider or hot chocolate?
Best question thus far! A nice hot chocolate can make any cold day have a warm moment. Don’t forget the whipped cream!