Your guides are passionate about cycling and about showing you their favorite corners of the word by bicycle. They’re trained to make your trip an experience of a lifetime and WOW you every step of the way. Here’s our top three reasons why they’ll really knock your socks off.

1. Your guides are Certified Mechanics
Certified mechanics on a cycling tour? This may seem like a given, but your guides are leading the industry with their mechanical expertise. From properly fitting you on your bike before the first ride to fixing flat tires, broken chains and making minor adjustments. Your guides are always around to fix your bike, or talk about Trek’s latest technology and innovation.

2. Your guides are also Chefs, Storytellers, and Geologists
Your Trek Travel guides wear many hats over the course of your trip. They’re chefs, able to prepare the most bountiful and delicious picnics you’ve ever seen along with the most savory snack tables when you need it most. They’re historians, able to tell you facts, myths, and anecdotes about the region you’re riding in. And they’re Geologists, able to discuss the landscapes and formations you pedal past.

3. Your guides look after every detail
From the moment you’re picked up at your meeting location, to the moment you say goodbye, your guides will look after every detail. When you walk out of your hotel room after a good night’s sleep, your bikes are set up, your Garmin is fully charged and loaded with the day’s route, your Flare R is charged and ready and your water bottles are fully filled. They can make massage appointments after a long ride, or reserve your spot on a local excursion. Even when you have a night to explore on your own, your guides will provide you with the best local recommendations for food and entertainment.

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