“The melding of the two activities—either of which makes for a great trip in itself—was what made it unique,” says Dallas’s Mac Tichenor about his 2018 Danube River Cruise, through Trek Travel. “It combined good friends, engaging guides, gorgeous scenery, great bikes, the best food and wine, and the novelty and unexpected luxury of the barge experience.”

Travelers who like the idea of a guided tour but don’t care to spend it with strangers can always splurge on a private tour. Honeymooners and family reunion groups especially like this option—and if the group is large enough, it doesn’t cost much more than standard group tours. Beyond limiting the group to loved ones, friends, or work colleagues, these trips can be fully custom-tailored—you can add a side trip to a special winery, for example, or a “bucket list” ride to a mountaintop.

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