“This is the largest technology project Trek Travel has ever taken on, and I’m stoked at the user experience our guests can enjoy at anytime from anywhere in the world.”
-Mark, Technology Manager at Trek Travel

The team at Trek Travel is always looking for ways to make the guest experience better, more fun, and easier. Our booking process has been upgraded and guests can simply and efficiently book a trip online! Check out the video above to see how quick and easy the process is.

Why is this a major benefit to guests? We talked to the project lead, Mark, to learn more about the new online booking system.

Why was online booking created?

We realized we wanted to create a great user experience through our website that would allow our guests to book one of our vacations anytime of day. We also want to offer a way for our guests to book their vacations in whatever technology they use most. For a lot of people, that means booking online as it has become such a natural extension of purchasing travel.

How will this make the guest experience better?

With the new system, it means we are able to accept bookings 24/7. That allows guests to schedule a trip when it is most convenient for them, whether that be weekends, evenings, or regular business hours. Along with offering the ability to purchase online, we also built out a customer account center. While still in its infancy in terms of features, this account center gives our guests information on trips they have booked with us, travel information, and more. We also have a road map in place to offer more functionality and features in the future to give our guests the best user experience possible both on and offline.

What should guests expect after they have booked online?

After completing the online booking process, guests will receive a confirmation email and within two days, one of our trip consultants will reach out to verify we have all the necessary information and answer any questions the guest may have. After speaking with a trip consultant, guests will receive a final confirmation for their trip. At any point between booking and trip departure, guests can always reach out to our expert trip consultants to get advice, ask questions, or learn additional information about a trip.

Please note that some select trips are so special they cannot be booked online, but our trip consultants are ready to help. It will be noted on the trip page if a trip cannot be booked online.

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