Starting in 2020, we added two new Trek electric bikes into our fleet: the Trek Domane+ LT and the Verve+. Learn more about why we think these bikes are going to take you to bigger and better places this year.

See what makes the all-new Domane+ LT so unique.

Discover the new Verve+ and Domane+ LT

Verve+ e-bike


The Verve+ is an e-bike built for an ultra-smooth, comfortable ride. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to keep up with friends or family on longer routes or needs a boost up hills. The design features wide tires for stability, a low-step frame for easy on and off, and a brand new display that’s brighter and easier to read for monitoring battery power and more. This sleek bike will be available on select North American and European e-bike tours starting in spring 2020. If you have questions about availability on a trip you are considering, talk to one of our friendly trip consultants.

Trek's Domane+ LT


The Domane+ LT combines the best of the race-built Domane bike with a slight pedal-assist perfect for climbing the toughest of hills. This bike is designed differently than most e-bikes you’ve seen before; it primarily functions as a road bike ready for you to take the lead, but on the toughest hills or strongest headwinds, you can get a boost with the electric feature. It is a great fit for strong riders who want to tackle most terrain on their own but could use a little help in tough spots. The Domane+ LT is available with an upgrade fee of $500 on select trips.

Verve+ with Bosch Active Line Plus

Three Features We Love: Verve+

1. The brand new display is brighter and in full color, which makes it quicker to check on your speed, battery power, and more.

2. All our Verve+ bikes will feature a low-step frame, making it easier to get on and off the bike for a quick photo op or animal sighting.

3. Wider tires make for a more comfortable ride across a variety of terrain, from gravel paths to winding roads.

Domane+ LT by Trek

Three Features we Love: Domane+ LT

1. You can enjoy the experience of riding a Domane along with the extra boost an e-bike offers.

2. If you are riding faster than the electric assisted level, the motor features new technology to seamlessly disengage for a drag free ride.

3. The e-bike still incorporates all of the features that make the Domane incredibly comfortable with the IsoSpeed decoupler and smooth Shimano shifting.

While Trek Travel will be offering the latest model of the Domane+ LT in spring of 2020, one of our favorite pro riders, Jens Voigt, got to check out the Trek Domane+ earlier this year. Watch the video to see just how fun these e-bikes can be.