With the impacts of COVID-19 being felt around the world, keeping up with spring training and fitness may feel like a challenge.

In the midst of social distancing and quarantines at home, your normal workout routines may be completely disrupted. On a journey to a new normal, we believe that keeping yourself physically fit is good for body, mind, and soul. So whether you plan to exercise at home or ride outside, we have tips to help keep you active, safe, and healthy.

Indoor Workout Apps

If you are hunkering down in your home to make sure you and your loved ones stay healthy, try out some of our favorite workout apps to ride inside and keep your fitness up.

  • Zwift– On Zwift, you can ride virtual courses from home and even enjoy “group” rides. Pair your apple TV or connect your laptop to your TV for a more realistic riding experience. It’s fun to work towards rewards to customize your avatar, and Zwift alternates between courses to keep things fresh. Learn more about Trek Travel’s spring Zwift rides. Also, did you know that kids under age 16 can ride for free on Zwift? Now is a great time to get the whole family riding online together.
  • Vision Quest Online – Training requires discipline, accuracy and consistency. Most of us need help in executing on these concepts, and VQ is here to help! Vision Quest is now live streaming interactive, structured indoor cycling workouts through Zoom, seven days a week. All you need is your bike and trainer. Learn more about their on-demand workouts here.
  • Nike Training Club App – This one is free, offers a range of at-home workouts, and comes recommended from our president, Tania.
  • Strava – This app is great for tracking your rides. You can also join our Trek Travel Club on Strava to keep an eye out for challenges and more.
  • Peloton – A bike is not needed to enjoy a 90-day free trial of at-home workouts. They have a range of routines to try while you are practicing social distancing at home.
  • Barre3 – Build core strength and flexibility with barre workouts from home. Plus, they’re offering a 15-day free trial.

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How to Ride Safely Outside

If you are choosing to ride outside, here are some tips about how to do so safely – for yourself and others.

  • Going out for a ride on your own is the recommended way to prevent spread of illness. Large group rides should be avoided.
  • If you need to pass other people on the path or road, maintain at least six feet of distance from others.
  • Don’t ride any risky routes or try any unfamiliar activities that could result in injuries. You do not want to strain the healthcare system in the midst of a health crisis.
  • If you will be riding solo, make sure to pack a repair kit to tackle common maintenance issues like a flat tire by yourself.
  • Head to Bicycling Magazine to learn more.

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General Riding Safety Refresh

Before you jump back in the saddle this spring, make sure to brush up on your safety knowledge. Hear from our team and check out these resources:

“Never make assumptions – never assume a car can see you, never assume someone won’t run a red light at an intersection, etc. It’s better to be overly cautious than injured!”

“Charge your lights before heading out and always ride with front and rear lights.”

“Always wear a helmet and follow Trek’s ABCs of awareness – always on, biomotion, and contrast. ”

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