Trek Travel’s #18 Greatest Ride In The World
Mallorca is a cyclist paradise, boasting more bicycles on the roads then cars and ranks as our #18 Greatest Ride in the World.
Discover this ride on our Mallorca trip.


A simple spin around the island will reveal this truth. The roads feel like they were designed specifically for the bike.

Today’s ride to Sa Calobra is the penultimate descent and ascent on the Island for cyclists. This road was built by local Antonio Parietti Coll, of Italian descent, who wanted to keep the integrity of the landscape. Peter Stuart’s article, “Chasing Perfection” on sums the ride up best, “this as close as one could get to a perfect road…” Today’s ride begins with an amazing 28km climb at 3% past the Lluc Monastery. As we leave the small villages of Mallorca and climb into the Tramunta Mountains, the sweeping switchbacks, views of the mediterranean, and the quality of pavement leave you in a state of awe. Upon reach the top of our climb, we find ourselves at the Coll de Cal Reis, 682 m.a.s.l.. The next 9.5km is a descent at 7% average to the village of Sa Calobra. This part of the ride is the cyclists dream. Sweeping switchbacks, views, changing topography, and a 270* spiral bridge known as the “Tie Knot.” After enjoying the sea, having a drink, we tackle the climb back up to the col. The next 50km from the top of Sa Calobra will leave you with a -1.6% ride taking you back to the hotel. If there is one ride that you must do in your life, this is that ride.

“Mallorca Ride Camp is a trip of a lifetime. The images of coastline, switch backs, and stone walls graced by citrus trees, vineyards, and olive trees will be with me forever.”

-Michael, Trek Travel Guest

Three Things You Need to Know

Today’s route is highlighted by Sa Calobra, but the majority of the ride would be a noteworthy in any other country. There are numerous places to refuel along the route. Remember to stop and enjoy the journey today. The descending on today’s route is superb. Be aware of the vehicular traffic while descending to Sa Calobra. At times, the tour busses and cars may become annoying. If this is the case, wait and give them ample time / space. The descents are far more enjoyable when you are not constantly on your brakes.

It is best to take layers with you today. The temperature changes due to the elevation gain and loss of the ride, along with cycling in the mountains, can be extreme. Having a light windbreaker or vest will make all the difference.

There are ample spots to grab food and water on today’s ride. The first being at the Coll de la Batalla just over 16km into the ride. The next is 9km later at a coffee shop sitting below a Roman Aqueduct. Sa Calobra is a great place after your descent to refuel. Then on the remainder of your ride, every 5 to 10km there are spots to refuel, or stop and rest and take in the view.

Local Resources

Cycling to Sa Calobra and taking the boat back to the Port of Soller is a fantastic option. The beauty of the coast line of Mallorca is stunning. Also, you may want to back a suit in your jersey to jump into the after your descent to the village.

In the village of Sa Calobra, there is a little path that takes you through a tunnel to the Torrent de Pareis. This little passage opens to a stunning beach that feels like it is cut off from society. If you are looking to ride and to get away from the crowds, this is a fantastic place to spend some time and watch the waves break.

Discover this ride on our Mallorca trip.

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