Trek Travel’s #17 Greatest Ride In The World.
When thinking of the most beautiful loop ride in the world, what comes to mind? How about scenic mountain passes, amazing tarmac, sweeping bends, and Italian Coffee?
Discover this ride on our Dolomites trip.


If we just checked your all your boxes, then the Sella Ronda is for you.

We start our journey leaving the ski village of Corvara, following a clockwise loop around the Sella Ronda. The first climb is Passo Campolongo topping out at 1875m. Then we have a mellow descent to the village of Arabba, where we will make a right to climb the Passo Pordoi topping out at 2239m. This stunning road bends and snakes along the mountside, where chairlifts dangle overhead paying homage to the winter sports. The descent down the Pordoi is stunning, sweeping switchbacks, long straight aways, this road is made for cycling. We soon begin our next ascent up Passo Sella, which tops out at 2218m. Views of the four Sella Towers are to our right, the Langkofel Group to our left, and this by far is the most scenic of all the passes. Last on our list today is climb up the Passo Gardena, reaching a height of 2121m, before a stunning switchback and turning descent to our hotel in Corvara.

“As always, Trek Travel makes our vacations an event we look forward to and remember forever. We learned a long time ago to turn the logistics and planning over to Trek Travel so we could just hop on the bike, ride, take photos, and enjoy our vacation. Thank you and see you again soon!”

-Susanne, Trek Travel Guest

Three Things You Need to Know

Passo Pordoi is located between the Sella group in the north and the Marmolada group in the south. In 1960 the first road was built over Passo Gardena. Shortly after, hiking trails were developed and chairlifts were installed. Today the Passo Gardena is vibrant year round with tourism.

It is said that this part of Italy has the most sunshine and the least amount of rain when compared to the rest of the Alps and the Dolomites.

The Passo Sella is located between the provinces of Trentino and South Tyrol in Italy. It is also a fantastic spot to grab a coffee while cycling the Sella Ronda.

Local Resources

For those interested in history, Forte Tre Sassi museum is just 18km from Corvara. As the webiste states, “This museum tells the story of the soldiers, not generals, or by historians. On the part of the vanquished and not by the victors.” If you are interested in what the soldiers went through fighting in the Dolomites during World War 1, this museum will give insight. Located between In Tra i Sass- pass and Valparola.

If you are wanting to ride more, you can easily add a few more km to the day. Cycle toward the village of La Villa from Corvara, and in La Villa you will make a right onto the SP 37 to climb Passo Valparola. After cresting the summit Valparola, descend the Passo Falzarego, turn right onto SR 48 toward Arabba, and then you have a short climb up Passo Campolongo before returning to Corvara.

Truly, cycling in this part of the world is special. Two other noteworthy rides to tackle are Passo Giau and Passo Fedaia (The Marmolada). To tackle the Giau, it is recommend to ascend Passo Campolongo, descend to Arrab, head toward Andraz, Ascend the Giau and descend to Pocol, then ascend the Passo Falzarego and return to Corvara. To ascend Passo Fedaia head back to Arabba, then descend to the village of Digonera. Then the climb begins. After cresting Passo Fedaia, you will toward Canazei, before determing you prefered route back to Corvara.

Discover this ride on our Dolomites trip.

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