One of our guides, Jonathan Hershberger who captured the winning photo in North America in 2022, shared a brief story about the creation of this enchanting image, which may serve as inspiration for your photography!

The fall season of our Bryce to Zion trips had just begun. With record-high temperature’s in the forecast, my co-guide Sarah & I were thinking about how best to create experiences of a lifetime for our guests. Each day presented us with a different challenge. Our tour starts in Boulder, Utah, and begins with an amazing ride on the Burr Trail. Imagine sheer red rock cliffs, petrified sand dunes, views that go on for days, and more cyclists than cars.

Our home for the first night of the trip is the Boulder Mountain Lodge, a cute & quaint hotel. What sets this hotel apart is the restaurant, Hell’s Backbone Grill & Farm. Hell’s Backbone Grill & Farm has won numerous awards & recognitions ranging from receiving Zagat’s highest rating in Utah to multiple semifinalists & finalists for the James Beard Award. In 2022 they were a semifinalist in the “Oustanding Restaurant” category.

On day 2 of the trip we depart Boulder for our second stop of the trip Bryce, Utah. With temperatures slated to rise well over 100* F, my co-guide & I decided to stock up on extra ice & depart early. Today’s ride is fantastic as we weave along a stunning section of road called, Hogsback Ridge. The ridge features stunning views in every direction & is a highlight for our guests.

We reached our first stop in Escalante as the temps were climbing. It was here we decided to modify our route. Instead of stopping for lunch & finishing the ride in the heat of the day, we gave the guests the option to cycle Hogsback Ridge in reverse & then have lunch. The guests all enthusiastically went for option B. After topping up on water & snacks, we returned the way they came.

This was the first time I had done Hogsback Ridge in the opposite direction. The views did not disappoint. The guests loved being able to get the miles in before the temperatures became too extreme. It was here that I was able to snap the photo that won best North American Picture 2022 for Trek Travel.

Our mission is to “Create experiences of a lifetime, provide exceptional hospitality, have fun, and inspire a passion for cycling and travel.” If you are thinking of traveling with us in 2023, know that we are constantly looking to create those experiences of a lifetime for you on every trip. Oh, and the temperatures finally dropped the next day in Bryce. We had a fabulous remainder of the trip. Who knows, maybe the opportunity for the guides to modify your day to give you the best experience may also help to win a photo award too.

Here’s to traveling in 2023. So where will you travel with us?

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Thank you Hershy for sharing this story! Find your next adventure in North America this year.