Brent Dewsnap

What I Love:

Weeee, I love a lot of things...spreading stoke, anything that keeps me active and outdoors, meeting new people, being weird to make people smile/laugh, inspirational quotes, snow, getting my quads out in the sunlight, a nice cup of hot chocolate and obviously bikes. I also really enjoy airport beers and eating tacos. This life we live is truly incredible. Carpe diem! 

Riding with TT Since:


Trek Travel Role:


My Favorite Ride:

My first "Century" as a TT Guide was in Greenville, SC guiding Ride Camp. This was an avid option for Caesar's Head, 98 miles but who stops at just 98, with over 8k feet of elevation. Such a beautiful 6.5 mile climb to the top and that’s not even half of the climbing. I also rode with an amazing guest who completed his first ever century ride as well! I'll never forget that ride.

My Rides:

A few bikes not named Trek but once this "Bike Boom" settles down I have a few Trek's on my Wish List.


Billy "Insert location that I'm guiding"…for example, Billy Utah!


BA - Criminal Justice, Strategic Intel, Liberty U.

Current Home:

Nomad lifestyle but my home is Central, VA


A little bit of conversational Spanish currently. I want to learn a few more in the coming years.

In My Previous Life:

Hospitality!! I ran a Brewery in Seattle, Pyramid.