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At Trek Travel, we want each moment to exceed your expectations. Imagine a day in your life on a trip with Trek Travel, whether it’s a day of luxury and cycling through the vineyards of Tuscany or tackling a world-renowned climb in the Alps and overlooking the stunning mountain landscape. We don’t just promise a cycling vacation. We promise to change the very definition of what a cycling vacation should be.

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A Perfect Day in Tuscany

Tuscany Wine Country Bike Tour

Day 4: San Felice to Castello di Casole


7:00 AMYou awaken in one of the most elegant hotels in the Tuscan hillside. There’s no alarm clock and the bed is so cozy it’s almost impossible to leave. But the irresistible scent of freshly made coffee and croissants floats through the air and gives you the motivation to greet the day.
8:00 AMMake your way to the hotel restaurant for a breakfast spread of Italian and European favorites: Muesli, handmade pastries and of course, eggs, yoghurt and fruit. After one more cup of coffee, it’s now up to you to decide, “Do I ride today? Or explore the village boutiques with my newfound friends?”
9:30 AMYou choose to ride. Soon it’s time to gather in the bike room for a route description of your trip through the “Chianti Classico” wine region, the very heart of Tuscany. Fill your bottles, set your Garmin and prepare for a delightfully charming ride through the effervescent countryside.
10:00 AMAs you set out through Tuscany’s rolling hills dotted with stone farmhouses and olive groves, you take your time and snap some photos. Maybe even stop to sample some local cheeses. Here, there’s no rush.
12:00 PMSoon, you arrive in the quaint village of Scorgiano, where you’ll pause to enjoy a farm to table picnic lunch, featuring hand-cured prosciutto and local cheeses accompanied by delicious Frantoio olive oil. Together, we’ll sit outside and enjoy the sun with a mid-day glass of Chianti. It’s what you do around here, after all.
1:30 PMAfter lunch, you’ll enjoy an energizing descent through the countryside as we pedal to our hotel. As you make your way, you soon realize that photos, while precious, simply won’t do this scenery justice.
3:00 PMYou’ll arrive at the stunning five-star Castello di Casole, just in time for afternoon drinks by the pool. Throw on a swimsuit, grab your favorite book and relish in an hour or two of complete relaxation and downtime. Or if you feel like it, pamper yourself at the spa next door.
6:00 PMTake part in a private pizza-making class, where you’ll learn how to spin your own pizza dough and create the pie of your choice with a trained pizzaiolo. You’re a little new to this. How much is a dash? How do you crack an egg with one hand? More wine, please. Luckily, one of the best chefs in town is your guide.
9:00 PMIt’s been an exciting day, but it’s time to turn down. Your bed is waiting, relaxing music is playing, and a gentle breeze wafts through the courtyard. Does this have to end?
Ride along vineyards on a Tuscany bike tour
Enjoy Toscana wines and local cuisine on a Tuscany bike tour
Stay at the luxury hotel Castello di Casole on a Tuscany luxury bike tour


A Perfect Day on a Self-Guided Bike Tour

Costa Brava Self-Guided Bike Tour

Day 3: Els Àngels and Castell de Dalí


8:00 AMWake up on your schedule
You awaken in one of the most charming hotels in the Costa Brava region of Spain. There’s no alarm clock, no pressing schedule to stick to, and no need to worry about packing up and moving to a new hotel – this is your home for the week. The bed is so cozy that you may just decide to get some more sleep and enjoy a leisurely morning.
9:00 AMEnjoy a delicious breakfast
Make your way to the hotel restaurant for a delightful breakfast made of the best selection of Spanish and European favorites: Pa amb tomàquet (toast with tomato), Muesli, handmade pastries, and, of course, eggs, yogurt, and fruit. After your morning cortado, it’s now up to you to decide whether you’d like to ride, to shop, or do some cultural activities in town.
10:00 AMChoose your rides, check your bikes, and get ready for the day’s adventure
After choosing to ride, you access the Ride With GPS app on your phone and click on “Day 3” of your itinerary to see what riding options you have and what highlights you may find on your route. You opt for the “Today’s Ride” and change into your cycling gear. In the bike room, you complete a quick safety check on your Trek Domane road bike or Verve+ e-bike, following the simple instructions shared with you by your Trek Travel host. You’ll then fill your water bottles, load your Day 3 route onto your Garmin GPS computer, and start the navigation, preparing yourself for a lovely ride on the locals’ favorite climbs and through beautiful medieval villages.
11:00 AMTake in the sights of the region as you ride at your pace
You set out of town, riding at your own pace on the mellow climb called Els Àngels. Once you reach the top, you climb up the steps to the terrace by the church, enjoying the fantastic panoramic views, taking your time to snap some photos. You are craving a coffee and, by browsing the app loaded with carefully selected local recommendations on your phone, you learn that the coffee shop next to the church serves a good coffee in a very cozy environment. You also find suggestions about other coffee shops along the route. For now, let’s just get the first coffee here!
12:30 PMEnjoy lunch and a glass of the region’s famed Cava
After a sweeping descent, you ride past the quaint village of Madremanya, admiring the peaceful tranquility of this medieval town, where time appears to have stopped. Following the directions on your phone, you continue your ride to the village of Púbol, famous for boasting Castell de Dalí, a castle transformed into a museum, showcasing the lives and art of the Salvador Dalí and his wife, Gala. You decide to take the opportunity of visiting it and then stop for lunch at one of the recommended restaurants listed in the app. You opt for a casual place, where you can savor some delicious tapas, perhaps with a glass of the local cava.
1:30 PMFinish up today’s ride as you head back to the hotel for the afternoon
After this wonderful stop, you’ll continue pedaling through farm fields as the route leads you back to the hotel. On the ride, you reflect on the luxury of shaping the day as you wished, choosing your riding distance, stopping for coffee in the morning, and deciding on lunch from a helpful list of recommended restaurants, conveniently located in your Ride with GPS app.
3:00 PMSoak in the pool, relax with a good book, or take a walk through town
Wrapping up your afternoon riding, you’ll arrive back to your home for the week, the cozy four-star hotel Nord 1901, just in time for afternoon drinks by the pool. Throw on a swimsuit, grab your favorite book, and succumb to complete relaxation. Or if you feel like it, wind through the cobbled streets of Girona’s historical center to take in the Medieval architecture and lively atmosphere.
6:00 PMSee what you have in store for tomorrow’s adventures
You once again consult your Ride with GPS app to see what is on tap for tomorrow. You will see some great suggestions about the rides, including great photo opportunities on the scenic road that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. While you consider whether or not your legs are ready to take a more challenging ride to the coast, you decide that you don’t want to miss the most iconic ride of the week, cruising along craggy red rock cliffs above the turquoise water of the sea.
7:30 PMTreat yourself to a delectable dinner
Armed with a comprehensive list of recommended restaurants in the heart of town, you are free to select any restaurant that suits your tastes best. Enjoy an incredible dinner savoring the flavors of this beautiful land and toast to this exciting day of gorgeous riding, world-class wines, and delicious food!
9:30 PMRest, relax, and sleep
Your bed is waiting and a gentle breeze wafts through the courtyard. The third day of your self-guided bike tour has come to an end, and you feel more accomplished than ever, having experienced a day on your own terms, with the flexibility of choosing what to do and when to do it! Before your head even hits the pillow, you’re dreaming of tomorrow’s stunning ride!
Ride along country roads in Costa Brava
On a self-guided bike tour, spend the afternoon relaxing at the pool
Enjoy Cava, a regional specialty in Costa Brava
Beautiful roads and villages on Costa Brava Self-Guided
Ride on a Costa Brava Self-Guided bike tour



A Perfect Day in the Alps

Annecy to Alpe d’Huez Cycling Vacation

Day 4: La Chambre to Col du Glandon to Col de la Croix de Fer to Alpe d’Huez


7:00 AMRise and shine. Take your time, open the curtains and watch the sunrise. Today is a royal day. Today is the day that kings- and queens-of-the-mountains like you have been training for, perhaps for their whole lives. Today we climb 10,000 feet over the Col du Glandon, Croix de Fer and finally Alpe d’Huez. Of course, you don’t have to take on every climb if you don’t want to.
8:00 AMYou make your way down to the hotel breakfast with the group, and the chatter is nothing but excitement for the day’s challenge. You have climbed together for four days already, but today is different. We’ll make sure your breakfast is for champions, delicious and energizing. Take your time and let the anticipation build.
9:30 AMGather in the bike room for a group discussion on the route, stops, photo opportunities and more. Slip on your shoes, strap on your helmet, slather some sunscreen, and fill your pockets with goodies for the trip. You might be a bit nervous, but we’ll be there every step of the way.
10:00 AMReady to clip in and ride off? You roll out as a group, starting with a picturesque 19-mile descent from our hotel on top of Alpe d’Huez. The air smells of summer. Your legs feel good. You are ready.
11:00 AMWe’ll begin our adventure via the 21km climb of Col du Glandon with an average gradient of 6.9% and featured in the Tour de France 14 times. If you’re feeling especially good, start your ride with the 18 switchbacks of the Lacets de Montvernier, which made it’s first Tour appearance in 2015. Just because we can, take a little jaunt to the summit of the Croix de Fer before starting the long descent of Glandon.
2:00 PMToday, you have ridden like a champion. We’ve stopped for a brief lunch along the decent of Col du Glandon, taken some photos and rested up for the final ascent up the world’s most famous Alpe.
3:30 PMThat’s it. You’ve made it. 21 switchbacks to the top of Alpe d’Huez. Did you see the names of the Tour’s Alpe stage winners on the side of the road? Did you stop for photos? At any rate, it’s time for some well-deserved R&R at the hotel. Simply hand off your bike to the guides and spend a few minutes discussing the day’s adventure with the group over a beer. Then, make your way to your room to relax and recount the memories.
6:00 PMTonight, you’re free to explore the lively mountain ski town known as Alpe d’Huez. Grab a quick pizza at a local brew pub, indulge in a hearty Raclette, or saddle up to some pasta. There’s plenty of variety to be found tonight and your guides are more than happy to help you choose.
10:00 PMThe day has flown by. It’s time to settle in to your room for the night, knowing full well that tomorrow is a new adventure.
Prepping the Trek Travel bikes
An epic climb up Alpe d'Huez with Trek Travel
Taking in the views on Trek Travel's Annecy to Alpe d'Huez bike tour



A Perfect Day on a Ride Camp bike tour

Mallorca Ride Camp

Day 3: The famous climb of Sa Calobra.


7:00 AMYou wake up at your own pace, responding to the sunlight creeping outside your window. Spanish culture gets started a little later, but you’ve got miles to log, so it’s time to get cracking before the rest of the world sits down to breakfast.
8:00 AMMake your way to the hotel’s famous European continental breakfast, complete with old favorites (eggs, bacon, potatoes) and new standards like muesli and antipasti. Make sure you’re fueling for the miles in front of you. If this is the life of a pro cyclist, you could sure get used to it.
9:00 AMIt’s time for the day’s pre-ride meeting, where your guides lay out two route options and prepare your electronically shifted Trek Domane for battle. Today you’ll be riding the famous Sa Calobra, one of the more famous climbs in Mallorca. The weather is picture-perfect with sun, mild temperatures and the smell of the ocean. Soon after, it’s time to hit the road. You roll out as a group, but everyone has a different pace by the first climb of the day to Coll de sa Batalla.
11:30 AMThe journey to Sa Calobra starts with a short climb before the dramatic descent to the small rocky cove beachfront. Once you snap a few photos of the tranquil Mediterranean sea and take a quick coffee, it’s time to climb back up. This may be the greatest climb of your life, with incredible views along a serpentine road.
1:30 PMIt’s time to re-fuel. Your guides will have the best sandwich you’ve ever had (of course anything tastes good after that climb) and you plan out the next challenge of the day: to conquer 80 more kilometers and two more climbs. Or you may choose to return back to the hotel to revel in your accomplishment and enjoy the hotel pool and spa.
3:30 PMIf you have chosen to conquer the avid route you will pass by the Gorg Blau and Cuber reservoirs on the way up the fourth climb of the day. After the sweeping 14km descent from the top of the Puig Major, Col de Soller will be your final and challenging ascent of the day, from the top are views of Palma in the distance.
6:00 PMYou’re back to the hotel. Congratulations on a big day of once-in-a-lifetime riding. Now it’s time to change and relax by the pool, swapping stories about your favorite miles.
7:00 PMThe dining room opens and it’s time for a feast. Enjoy a culinary adventure of Mallorca’s local cuisine and even a few indigenous wines for those who choose to partake.
10:00 PMLights out. As you settle in for the night and let the cool evening breeze blow gently through your room, your legs may still feel the remnants of a hard day. But you’re so relaxed now, it’s hard to imagine you won’t be ready for more tomorrow.
Sa Calobra in Mallorca with Trek Travel
Trek Travel Mallorca Ride Camp bike tour
Relax at Hotel Monnaber after an incredible day biking through Mallorca

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