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Trek Travel can customize a cycling trip for your group or family. Tweak an existing itinerary, choose a ready to book itinerary like one of those below, or create your own. When you build a custom bike trip with us, each and every moment is artfully crafted to a blueprint of your choosing; it is personalized and tailored to fit your schedule, interests, curiosities, wants, needs and budget. Check out and get inspired by our custom itineraries below. Looking for a corporate retreat? Learn more about our corporate travel trips.


Step 1—Is a custom cycling vacation right for me?

  • How much time do you have to plan your vacation? Earlier is always better when designing a custom vacation. Hotels love advanced notice and have more availability, we can allocate resources easier, and we have the time to properly research all the finer details of your desired activities.
  • How much am I willing to spend on a custom vacation? Cost always involves a lot of variables. Building a custom vacation has added costs to prepare all the essentials for your trip. It is more cost efficient to book a big group than a small one—a two-person trip is typically much more expensive per person than a group of twenty. Other factors include length of vacation and whether we already have a trip in the area. Please be aware that we do cancel regularly scheduled dates to make room for our custom vacations. Once you have paid in full, those costs are fully allocated and your trip is non-refundable.

Step 2—Tell Us About You.

  • Your People. Let us know who and how many people will be traveling with you. John, Susan and a few more couples? Your whole family? Kids only? Celebrating your 50th? Want to plan a corporate retreat?
  • Your Place. Would you like us to break new ground? Or would you like to go to an established Trek Travel destination? Your global options are listed here.
  • Your Dates. When would you like to travel and for how long? Do you have a particular date in mind or would you like to use an existing trip date?
  • Your Style. We have a number of different trip styles to cater to your travel preferences. Do you prefer a five-star epic luxury or a cozy and quaint three-star explorer experience? Do the kids need to play? Interested in multiple sports, wine tasting, or do you just want to ride like the pros?
  • Your Recipe. This is where the real fun begins! Our Trip Designers work with you to add the right ingredients to satisfy your group. Perhaps Christine wants to ride a little and John wants to ride a lot? Rick is passionate about architecture, but Michelle wants to do a cooking course? Anything is possible!

Step 3—The Decision Is Yours

We will look into equipment and guide availability in the location of your choice. Once we know how your trip could be put together, we will schedule a one-on-one call with you and a Trip Designer to talk details. If you decide to move forward with creating a full itinerary for your custom vacation, we require a $2,500 deposit to develop the itinerary and pricing. This is non-refundable regardless of circumstances, however it will be applied to your trip price if you book.

Step 4—We Work our Magic

Once we have a general idea of what you are looking for in a custom cycling vacation, we work with our trip design team to put together an itinerary of your trip. We will check into regional hotel availability and any other high level logistical needs. With our local connections and intimate knowledge of the region, our designers will fashion a unique vacation of a lifetime for you. Within two weeks, we will provide you with an outline of an itinerary with a price range given the number of people in your group. What if you wanted to add or change something at this point? Don’t worry. We are committed to making sure you get the trip you want down to the last detail.

Step 5—Go! Have fun. Take lots of pictures. Remember forever.

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