Our private trip coordinator, Kari K., was recently able to travel to and stay at our newest hotel partner, Blackberry Farm. She got to experience the slower pace of life in this little paradise. Here are her takeaways from her own break from reality.

Photographs of Blackberry Farms Garden Shed with Jeff RossTraffic lights, car horns, overloaded inboxes, and the bottom-less pit of meetings and conference calls. If your substitute these everyday things with the likes of fly-fishing, farm-to-table gourmet cooking, the crackling of a campfire next to a moonlit pond, wine-tastings from an oak cellar, and rides through the majestic Smoky Mountains then Blackberry Farm might be the place for you.

Let’s talk about the unique and extraordinary cuisine you will experience at Blackberry Farm; known as the “Foothills Cuisine”. Your taste buds will be moving more than your legs as you taste the fresh and local flavors recognized as the number one hotel for food lovers by Bon Appetit in 2013.

Some getaways leave you feeling anxious, ready to get back to the daily grind because they are a one-trick pony–sitting on the beach, laying by a pool, but not at Blackberry. The array of activities will provide you with an enriching experience, one that challenges and inspires mind, body, and spirit. Cycling through the mountains will make the private yoga class and massage at the new wellness facility feel well-deserved. Fly-fishing with seasoned instructor’s in the pristine Hesse Creek, and kayaking in one of the nearby lakes will make your wine from the best producing wine-regions in the world taste even sweeter that evening.

When thinking about a getaway, Blackberry Farm offers the right mix of relaxation and adventure. I know I can’t wait to get back to the Farmstead.