They call it the ‘Hell of the North’. The 27 pavé sectors of Paris Roubaix cause riders more pain in one day than many experience in a lifetime of sport. Cobblestones seize riders’ wheels. Dust and mud fogs their vision. And rain is all but guaranteed to cause more destruction.

When our friends, Taz and Guy, set out before the race to shoot footage for their project, the route lived up to its reputation. The obstacles that prevent many from starting and even the strongest from finishing proved tough to overcome on this quiet Tuesday afternoon.

…And they were traveling by car.

“There we were, in our vintage French voiture, working hard on top secret #ProjectRoubaix on Mons-en-Pévèle Sector, when we managed to ground the car in a foot of sludge….disaster (how that happened is a whole other story). Having tried everything we only managed to bury the car deeper to the point where the base of the car was then in mud. Miles from anywhere meaningful and on a farm track with no traffic and no phone signal, Guy set off walking to find the nearest help.

In a slightly surreal moment, the Trek Travel train appeared from around the corner. The first van flew through shielding its string of riders (looking good I might add) and the rear van allowed me to flag them down. I explained our plight to RN4-S13-S1-365[1]the wonderful Amy who took it all in her stride, fastened us up to the van and towed us out! Amy didn’t know us and had no reason to help but she chose to put herself out for complete strangers. The consideration she showed helped save our beloved car and a super important shooting day for our project.

Of all the solutions we had fantasised about, Trek Travel coming to the rescue was not even on the radar….but then you’re always full of surprises!

Forever grateful
Taz and Guy”