As a guide I have accumulated a nice little stash of Trek Travel guest bags over the last six years.

I really like the ones with side pockets and real shoulder straps that we give at our Tour de France trips, but even that petal pink one from a few years back is kind of nice. I’ve discovered that instead of becoming closet clutter these little bags can be repurposed for all kinds of tasks. Most recently I packed a stuff sack into my backpack on a Patagonian trek through Torres del Paine National Park, thinking it would make a perfect summit bag. Sure enough, this simple tote was just the solution for a late evening scamper up from our campsite to catch sunset on the famous towers for which the park is named.

Of course, that’s not the only way to reuse these industrious bags. Here are my top five ways to repurpose our day bags:

1. Contain muddy mountain bike shoes in my duffel after a ride

2. Grocery bags, especially when traveling by bike

3. Dirty laundry bag while traveling or guiding

4. Hanging holder for empty water bottles in my pantry

5. Beach bag for my towel, sunscreen, book and beer

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