From the greeting you receive when you walk through the door to the pillow you lay your head on at night, our team of expert trip designers take special pride in selecting the best hotels for your vacation. We’ve spent years researching the ins and outs of every place worth visiting, but once in a while even we are surprised by exceptional quality of accommodations found in far-flung corners of the Earth.

Eat at the Spoonbar on Trek Travel's California Wine Country Bike Tour
Dine at the Spoonbar in Healdsburg, California on a Trek Travel Cycling Vacation

Our Hotel Of The Year award is designed to highlight those properties that set the bar a little higher. This year’s winners, La Plaça de Madremanya and h2 Hotel, redefine charm and exceed every expectation of hospitality. Savor the rich flavors, lavish in picturesque views, and cherish every minute of well-earned relaxation because it doesn’t get much better than this.
Stay at Hotel La Placa de Madremanya in Spain on Trek Travel's Costa Brava Bike Tour
Stay at the luxurious Hotel La Placa de Madremanya on Trek Travel's Costa Brava Cycling Vacation

Hotel La Plaça de Madremanya
Costa Brava

Situated halfway between the hinterland of Girona and the neighboring Empordà district is a small paradise of gentle hills, with the village of Madremanya at its heart. Positioned on a hilltop and crafted exclusively from honey-colored stone, the village has an Italian look to it. It is here, with meandering streets and Spanish sunshine, that time truly stands still.

The jewel at the heart of it all is the Hotel La Plaça de Madremanya. Somewhere off the grid of any map, between decadent meals and exemplary service, is a place that cannot be forgotten. Surrounded by a sweet-smelling garden and looking out over the green Gavarres Mountains, the setting is nothing if not extraordinary. So celebrate you must, among friends old and new, as the sun sets on another day in this sweet Spanish paradise.

California Wine Country

From an undulating roof alive with succulents to ripples on the creek by its feet, h2hotel is rooted in nature and fluid by design. Its light-flooded space makes you want to stay. Espresso with your check in? Cocktail with your keys? Just step up to the multitasking Receptobar or join the crowd at Spoonbar for modern Mediterranean nibbles and an artisanal cocktail.

Striped bamboo floors, funky Peace Industry rugs and local art draw you in. Chef Louis Maldonado’s earthy favorites and unexpected flavors leave you wanting more. Mostly, though, it’s the vibrant energy of people enjoying what’s become the gathering hub for Healdsburg. It is a place where happiness comes easily and adventure is just waiting to be had.
Stay at h2 Hotel in Healdsburg on Trek Travel's California Wine Country Bike Tour
Experience h2 Hotel in Sonoma on Trek Travel's California Wine Country Cycling Vacation