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Trek Travel with AutoCamp in Palm Springs & Joshua Tree and California Wine Country

airstream camper set up in the woods

Join Trek Travel and AutoCamp in Palm Springs & Joshua Tree and California Wine Country for a unique experience like nothing else.

Join Trek Travel at AutoCamp Russian River

Join Trek Travel at AutoCamp Russian River

Always Evolving

If you haven’t taken a look at our portfolio of vacations lately, it’s time to do some clicking. Trek Travel is always looking for new ways to wow our guests and get them closer to the world-class experiences they’ve come to love. While we already go to incredible destinations around the world such as Japan, Norway, and Chile, we strive to find exciting new ways to travel closer to home, as well.

That’s why we’re overjoyed to announce our partnership with AutoCamp, a unique and acclaimed provider of experiential travel featuring custom Airstream suites, to bring our guests two completely new options in Palm Springs & Joshua Tree and California Wine Country. Even if you’ve seen these two exceptional standouts in the Trek Travel portfolio before, you haven’t seen them like this. With a combination of exceptional rides, food, friends, wow moments, and the addition of mid-century modern elegance with private accommodations in a luxury Airstream, this is the epitome of boutique camping. Whether it’s relaxing by the campfire as the sun sets under a canopy of towering redwoods in the Russian River Valley or rising to greet the day in the middle of the Mojave desert, exploring Joshua Tree National Park before heading to the chic town of Palm Springs, these are two trips you won’t want to miss.

Palm Springs & Joshua Tree AutoCamp Bike Tour

Join Trek Travel at AutoCamp Russian River

A mid-century oasis in the desert

AutoCamp’s newest offering in Joshua Tree gets you closer to the heart and soul of the Mojave Desert and the famed Joshua Tree National Park. The property was mindfully designed for minimal impact on the surroundings, incorporating ecological water usage, solar power, and dark sky-compliant lighting to enhance the clear view of the stars. With a seasonally heated pool, outdoor bar, and plenty of opportunities to get cozy around a campfire, AutoCamp Joshua Tree is the new premier outdoor spot in the desert.
As you walk into your Airstream suite, you’ll rethink what you know about camping. From the bedroom with luxury linens on top of a queen-sized bed, to the spa-inspired bathroom with a walk-in shower and vanity sink, each aspect of the Airstream is thoughtfully designed.
After an amazing ride through Joshua Tree National Park and the expansive views of the Coachella Valley, cool off in the pool and sip a refreshing cocktail at the poolside bar. In the evening you can enjoy the majesty of a desert night around the community fireplaces, as you reflect on the day’s events.

California Wine Country AutoCamp Bike Tour

Join Trek Travel at AutoCamp Russian River

The richer side of Wine Country

You may already know the famed Napa and Sonoma varietals of California Zin and Chardonnay, but the Russian River Valley is a hidden gem amongst the giants. Here, 800 acres of famed California redwoods give way to a different type of grape that’s more sumptuous, dark, and robust. You’ll sip and savor them as you pedal through the valley to the Pacific coast, and visit historic wineries, including the Soda Rock Winery, whose mossy stone walls have been standing since 1869.
AutoCamp’s Russian River Valley location will have you camping underneath the majestic Sonoma redwoods. Your Airstream suite is perfectly secluded, and only a five-minute drive to hiking trails and the charming town of Guerneville. Have the full camping experience by picking up local foods from the Main Street stores of Guerneville, and create a meal over your private campfire. And of course, a stay in the Russian River Valley isn’t complete without a swim (or leisurely float) in the famed river!

California AutoCamp

These trips aren’t like anything you’ve ever done before. Guaranteed. With Trek Travel, wows are never extra. And with AutoCamp , neither are the incredible memories you’re sure to make.

Learn more about our Special Edition tours here and book your next adventure with us today.

California Wine Country’s Greatest Hits

Expansive view of vineyards in California Wine Country

Our 2021 California Wine Country trip is better than ever, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it!

California is constantly innovating and so are we. After 14 years of our long beloved California Wine Country trips, we have had a long and critical look at our rides, wineries, restaurants, hotels, and distilleries. We have taken to heart many reviews and suggestions from our guests in order to distill the itinerary into its most exquisite self. We hope that you’ll join us to experience the best of California Wine Country with us.

The Trek Travel Trip Design Team loves new ideas and is always looking for new opportunities. We pay close attention to our guide team’s feedback in the region and our guests’ reviews to get a better understanding of what guests love in a region. On occasion we receive underwhelming or negative feedback, but this is instrumental in keeping the wheels of innovation turning for our team and continuing to improve our trips.

In the California Wine redesign, we have removed a few hotels that were not consistently meeting our high standards for guest care. We are sticking with Indian Springs, which receives rave reviews and also adding a new hotel for 2021: Harmon Guest House. This new and trendy property is part of the Hotel Healdsburg collection, which never disappoints. We have swapped out wineries that had received intermediate reviews and upgraded to include only truly spectacular spots, some that we have worked with since the beginning of our California Wine trips. We have quite a library of possible riding options in the area, but over the years, we have listened to specifics from our guests and guides to only include those with the best views, roads, and experience in general. We challenge the assumption that if a trip is popular and has great scores that it means there can’t be more items to improve upon.

Explore California Wine Country on a Trek Travel bike tour

We are proud to say that this California Wine redesign is a testament to the fact that “really good” can become exceptional when we constantly strive to add that additional tweak to an itinerary that truly makes Trek Travel’s trips the trip of a lifetime!

Think of our 2021 California Wine Country Tour as California Wine’s Greatest Hits.

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Traveling solo doesn’t mean traveling alone

“Richard,” I called to the gentleman across the table. “What do you want for dessert?” He paused briefly in his conversation with our guide, Connor, and said, “You choose what you want, and I’ll be happy with that!”

Post written by Trek Travel Product Development Coordinator, Grace.

Richard and I are 25 years apart in age, both married but traveling solo, and in the brief few days that we had been exploring the Ojai Valley and Santa Barbara coast, we quickly developed an understanding around meals. I have a culinary background with an adventurous palate, and Richard is a learn-it-all with a desire to share both bottles of wine and a wide variety of dishes. He very graciously encouraged me to make most of the decisions, deferring to my judgement for what style of wine we should order or which salad to split before our entrees. Our collaborative efforts spilled across the table to the two girl-friends from Atlanta and the freshly retired couple from Whitewater, WI, so that eventually we were all working together to find the best combinations of libations and shared apps.


It can be tricky as someone traveling with a friend or partner to be inclusive to strangers, and it can be tough as a solo traveler to sometimes feel ignored or slighted by others. Fortunately, going on a Trek Travel trip prevents most of these awkward encounters for several reasons. For example, I chose this particular trip date because of the variety of people who were signed up. Our sales team is always happy to go over demographics and point you in the right direction based on the company you are hoping to keep. That being said, keep an open mind! I have also found that couples who travel together usually embrace the opportunity to mix up the conversation and ride with new acquaintances.

Secondly, on a Trek Travel trip, everybody automatically comes to the table with something in common – you all wanted an active vacation! This means that no matter your rider level, you probably love spending time outdoors, soaking up beautiful scenery, staying in comforting establishments, and eating nourishing, satisfying food. It is undeniable how this simple common thread leads to all sorts of unexpected connections. On my Ojai to Santa Barbara trip, it turns out that the couple from Whitewater is friends with one of the musicians who played at my wedding! And this summer, I look forward to attending a concert series in my hometown of Madison where they will be playing in the brass section.


For me, traveling is always more fun when shared with others, but I also treasure my alone time and enjoy the opportunity to remember that I can rely and depend on just myself. Traveling “alone in a group” offers one the opportunity to choose when and where you make a compromise or share with others; and when to make a choice simply for yourself. There is a lot of value in having this flexibility when trying new things and exploring new places, especially when the logistics are already taken care of for you, and especially when the key phrase is, “your day, you decide”.

Ditch the doubts, pack your bags, and get ready to make some new friends with Trek Travel.


What are you waiting for?

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Featured Hotel: Colony Palms

Colony Palms Hotel, the new hotel on our Palm Springs & Joshua Tree National Park trip for 2019, has a rich and vibrant history. It has been an icon of Palm Springs since it opened in 1936, hosting Hollywood’s most elite athletes, producers and even some of the area’s most notable mobsters.

The hotel was opened by Las Vegas casino owner and Purple Gang member, Al Wertheimer. The original hotel was known for its popular downstairs speakeasy which had to be entered through a secret staircase behind one of the pantry cupboards. Throughout its nine-decade past, the hotel has changed names from the Colonial House, Howard Manor, The Palms at Palm Springs, to The Colony Palms Hotel today.

Colony Palm Springs on a Trek Travel Cycling Vacation

Throughout these changes, the hotel has held on to its charm and remains one of the most popular destinations in the Palm Springs area. Some notable guests of the hotel include: Frank Sinatra, Howard Hughes and Ronald Reagan.

Colony Palm Springs on a Trek Travel Cycling Vacation

The property underwent an extensive renovation designed in collaboration with Los Angeles based designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard in 2017. Guests can now enjoy elegantly designed rooms with Moroccan accents, a 65ft saltwater pool with mountain views, a luxurious spa, and the Purple Palm Restaurant–featuring lively cocktails and classic California fare. This hotel is sure to wow at every moment from check-in to check-out.

Retreat to a piece of history

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Our Top 3 Places to Ride in 2019

Wonder what destinations are on our radar for spring? We’ve got a few we’ve been dreaming about from the comfort of our hot chocolate and onesie pajamas. Soon, when the seasons start to change and winter’s grip is loosened with the first warm breeze, we’re breaking free of our hibernation with these three trips that bring nothing but warmth, sunshine, delicious food and good times.

1. Palm Springs

Trek Travel Palm Springs Cycling Vacation Colony Palms Hotel

Known for its beautiful landscape, stunning architecture and storied history of Hollywood glamour, if there’s one word we would use to describe the new Palm Springs it’s “glam,” with a unique mix of both high style and access to world-class natural resources all in one place. On this adventure you’ll visit a river in the desert at the Whitewater Preserve, take a hike into Tahquitz Canyon and spend two full days in the stunning beauty of Joshua Tree National Park. Plus you’ll spend the week settled down at the iconic Colony Palms Hotel. And with restaurants like Workshop Kitchen + Bar right down the street we’re even more tempted to turn our round-trip ticket into a one-way.


2. Ride Across Italy

Trek Travel Ride Across Italy Cycling Vacation

Discover the essence of the heartland of Italy as you ride across the rugged misty Apennine mountains and traverse 280 miles and over 24,000 feet in 5 short days. You’ll dip your toes in the Adriatic sea and set out through the enchanting regions of Le Marche, Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany to the Mediterranean coast. Along the way, you’ll indulge in sumptuous cuisines, world-renowned wines, roll through vine-covered landscapes and climb up to the towering tufa mesas of Umbria before you celebrate your journey’s end on the stunning Orbetello peninsula in Tuscany with a sunset cocktail. This is truly the once-in-a-lifetime experience for lovers of all things Italian.


3. Prague to Vienna

Trek Travel Prague to Vienna Cycling Vacation

A bicycle is truly the best way to discover the secret forests, charming Baroque palaces, and quiet cobblestone streets of this enchanting Bohemian wonderland. From Prague to Vienna you’ll wind through history, preserved Renaissance towns and countryside laden with dense forests and rolling hills. Take in the sweeping vistas of the lush Danube River Valley as you immerse yourself in the culture, cuisine, and adventure that continue to make Bohemia a favorite for active travelers and cyclists worldwide.


Featured Hotel: Hotel Californian

Here, you’ll lavish in every luxurious touch, whether it’s taking a break on the rooftop pool with a panoramic view of palm trees and Pacific shoreline or treating your skin to a decadent treatment at the surreal spa. Even the facade tells a special story, with history dating back to the original 1925 hotel itself.

Our newest addition, this hotel may be called Hotel Californian, but is pure Santa Barbara from its trendy Funk Zone neighborhood location to its two signature restaurants. This is truly one of the most impressive, incredible hotel options we’ve ever offered. Will it make you fall in love with the city? No doubt. Will you want to leave and actually see the sights? That might be up for debate.

Hotel Californian Trek Travel Santa Barbara Cycling Vacation Hotel Californian Trek Travel Santa Barbara Cycling Vacation Hotel Californian Trek Travel Santa Barbara Cycling Vacation

Settle into a magical mix of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and Moroccan flourishes, with modern touches from celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

[trek-fullwidth-img src=””]

Take a day to relax at the rooftop pool or Spa Majorelle and discover the sublimity of one-of-a-kind spa treatments tailored to your personalized expression—an essential luxury along the path to wellness.

Hotel Californian Trek Travel Santa Barbara Cycling Vacation Hotel Californian Trek Travel Santa Barbara Cycling Vacation Hotel Californian Trek Travel Santa Barbara Cycling Vacation

Classic meets contemporary at Hotel Californian’s signature Santa Barbara restaurant, Blackbird, featuring exquisite Mediterranean-influenced cuisine with an emphasis on Santa Barbara-sourced, hyper-seasonal ingredients. With the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop, Blackbird offers a sleek, yet approachable and wholly unpretentious atmosphere with a pulse on contemporary Santa Barbara.

[trek-fullwidth-img src=””]

Kick back and relax in Santa Barbara

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Featured Restaurant: Workshop Kitchen + Bar

Palm Springs is known for its beautiful landscape, stunning architecture and storied history of Hollywood glamour. However, one place that stands out in this vibrant town is guest and guide favorite, Workshop Kitchen + Bar. We talked to Michael Beckman Executive Chef and Co-Owner about his Palm Springs epicurean oasis, and got the inside line on all the “must-try” dishes of the season.

“My love for the culinary world began when I was a student at the University of San Francisco, working front-of-house positions at Italian restaurants such as Kuleto’s and Il Fornaio. I was lucky enough to spend time in Geneva, Switzerland, where I cooked at a centre ville bistro, a traditional countryside French restaurant near Geneva’s vineyards, before attending culinary school in France at Lyon’s L’Institute Paul Bocuse. I did my apprenticeship at Lameloise a 3 Michelin-star restaurant in Burgundy, which was a very amazing, iconic experience— it was a 17-seat restaurant that had 35 chefs in the kitchen, and 35 servers in the front of the house. After working under chef Thomas Kellermann as Chef de Partie at the Ritz Carlton Berlin, I found my way back to California which led to a series of elite private chef positions. Shopping at the local farmers markets each week and keeping up with restaurant trends, in many ways led me to my vision of Workshop Kitchen + Bar.”

[trek-fullwidth-img src=”©AudreyMa_1646.jpg”]

Tell us a little about how Workshop Kitchen + Bar came to be.
Alongside my partner Joseph Mourani, we were able to find a beautiful space in the historic El Paseo Building in Palm Springs, which was a 90-year-old movie theater that we retrofitted into a restaurant that offered different dining elements for guests, such as a contemporary experience in the dining room or a leisurely outdoor meal on a patio. With Palm Springs being such a huge destination for locals and travelers looking for a refined getaway, we wanted to make Workshop Kitchen + Bar a dining destination that offered a true market driven, seasonally changing menu in the desert. In 2011, we opened the doors to Workshop Kitchen + Bar, which later went on to win a 2015 James Beard Award for best restaurant design.

Following the success, we opened our second concept, Truss + Twine, in March 2017, an atmospheric bar that sits adjacent to Workshop.

Trek Travel Palm Springs Cycling Vacation Workshop Kitchen and Bar Trek Travel Palm Springs Cycling Vacation Workshop Kitchen and Bar Trek Travel Palm Springs Cycling Vacation Workshop Kitchen and Bar

What is the driving force behind the concept? (local ingredients, farm to table, or something else entirely?)

All our ingredients are sourced within 100 miles of the restaurant, so we are strongly inspired by and believe in locally sourcing and creating farm to table dishes. My time spent at farmer’s markets over the years directly impacted and led to the creation of Workshop. Along with market driven dishes, we specialize on in-house techniques like fermenting, pickling, butchering and smoking that are incorporated into both our menu and bar program.

[trek-fullwidth-img src=”©AudreyMa-5.jpg”]

How does Palm Springs inspire your menu and aesthetic?

Workshop’s design reflects a unique desert-chic aesthetic, taking inspiration from Palm Springs’ beautiful landscapes, eccentric modernism and stunning architecture in every element of the space, from design to plating style.

Our menu is constantly inspired by Palm Springs-sourced ingredients. We’re lucky enough have formed strong relationships with farms from all over Southern California and specifically, the Coachella Valley. This allows us to continue to be inspired and keep our menu seasonally rotating, incorporating ingredients and produce sourced in our surrounding area.

What’s the one “must-try” item on the menu?

It’s hard to pick one as our menu changes seasonally! However, some menu favorites and staples are the Duck Fat Fries served with sea salt and herbs de Provence, Prime Aged 18 oz Rib-Eye grilled over wood fire with roasted cipollini onions, and composed bone marrow butter, and the 10 oz Mesquite-Grilled Pork-Chop with roasted brussels sprouts, pickled car acara orange, and shallot bacon marmalade. Favorite seasonal items include the Fried Cauliflower Steak with Tahini sauce, Fresno Chile and garlic ferment, with cilantro blossoms, and Duck Study #3 with Duck Breast, foie gras mousse, cara-cara orange marmalade, mushroom salad and 123 Farms lavender honey vinaigrette. Most items continually evolve and experience seasonal changes—nothing is untouchable in this regard.

Another must try item, is the Whole Striped Sea Bass which is rubbed with a Chermoula spice blend, grilled over wood and stuff with a rustic cannellini bean and pancetta salad. It’s an off-the-menu item and delicious.

Trek Travel Palm Springs Cycling Vacation Workshop Kitchen and Bar Trek Travel Palm Springs Cycling Vacation Workshop Kitchen and Bar Trek Travel Palm Springs Cycling Vacation Workshop Kitchen and Bar

And finally, favorite summer cocktail recipe?

One of my favorite cocktails at Workshop is The Palm Springer with vodka, fresh pineapple juice, house made grenadine, and angostura bitters. It’s perfect for sipping on the patio during the summer and named in dedication to our beloved city.

[trek-fullwidth-img src=”©AudreyMa-6-1.jpg”]

Experience Workshop Kitchen + Bar in Palm Springs

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SingleThread: An unforgettable retreat in the heart of Sonoma

Trip memories can sometimes get lost in the fog of travel, jet lag, and fatigue. But when a month later you can still recall the hum of bicycle tires on Sonoma pavement, the slightly gamy and intoxicating taste of duck heart, the gentleman you dubbed “Carlo”, and what must be the world’s most interesting toilet, then you know the trip was truly special. So as it was with SingleThread.

Words by Trek Travel guest Adam Dingwall

The cycling in Sonoma is stellar, quiet roads, smooth pavement, and motorists accustomed to seeing cyclists make it amongst the best in the world. On day one we started at a winery we had ridden past on previous California Wine Country Trips, Hanna Winery. Heading northwest in the gentle loop that eventually landed us on West Dry Creek Road, home of Quivira Winery. Sitting out on the patio we were greeted by a gentlemen who could have been out of central casting for a middle aged Italian gentlemen. We decided to call him “Carlo” as he proceeded to guide us through a tasting of Quivira’s finest. We had seen the winery before at harvest time, it was magnificent to be able to experience the outstanding gardens at this time of year, the flowers were gorgeous. Only about seven miles remained to Healdsburg, so before the wine overtook us, we all saddled up and headed out.

Rolling up to SingleThread you first notice the elegance of the building, very understated in a California classic style. We all handed off our bikes to our guides Blake and Sarah and headed in to shower. The lobby and reception area is intimate and provides a large open window into what is the showpiece, the SingleThread kitchen. The staff was busy with prep work for our dinner that night, all of us being foodies, we watched with concentration and awe. A member of the prep staff came over and greeted us, presenting us with hot tea with lavender and welcoming us to the Inn. While we could have watched the Swiss precision of the kitchen for hours, we finished our tea and headed upstairs to our rooms.

[trek-fullwidth-img src=””]

A large origami chandelier in the shape of the SingleThread logo—a white multifaceted flower—hung from the ceiling. The entryway presented both an automatic pour-over coffee machine and an amazing tea set up. There was pre-measured, freshly ground coffee just waiting to be brewed and the refrigerator held unlimited Pliny the Elder included with our stay. In the main room a wall was dominated by a fireplace and in the center of the room was a bed that at first touch seemed too soft but made for some of the deepest and best sleep ever on a Trek Travel trip.

And then there was the bathroom. And if anything could top unlimited Pliny the Elder, it was the bathroom. If you’re lucky enough to enter bare-footed you notice the floor is gently warmed, just enough to be soothing. There’s a large soaking tub, a beautiful shower, and then the toilet greets you. Yes, the toilet greets you by raising its lid automatically just begging you to grab a magazine or newspaper and sit down. It was at this discovery that the text messages started flying, especially on our messaging app that included the rest of our traveling group who wasn’t with us.

“OMG, the toilet, it’s amazing!”
“The seat is heated,”
“There’s a control panel,” and the ultimate compliment,
“I’m having Mark get one of these when we get home.”

We felt a bit like Henry V’s comrades at Agincourt and our absent companions back east were “gentlemen now abed in England” thinking themselves cursed that they were not with us. And we hadn’t even had dinner yet.

Trek Travel SingleThread Cycling Vacation
Trek Travel SingleThread Cycling Vacation

Social hour on the roof offered cool breezes, wine and Blake and Sarah laying out the next three days for us. Soon enough we found ourselves heading down to the restaurant for dinner. The dining room was calm, quiet, and beautifully done in beautiful woods and Japanese inspired lighting. Eleven courses flowed over the next 4 hours complemented perfectly with wine and sake. Whether it was wild unagi with red kitten spinach, poached foie gras with dried and fermented beets, or the buttermilk and thyme sherbet, we realized that we were having a dining experience that no one else in the country, save for those in the dining room with us, were having.

When the Sonoma grains and bamboo arrived along with duck heart, the physicians in our group enjoyed a moment of dissection and discovery before savoring the wild, slightly gamy, flavor. We’ve all eaten at amazing places around the US and the world, yet this meal stood apart.

[trek-fullwidth-img src=””]

The next morning, following a breakfast that rivaled dinner, Blake and Sarah were happy to make an adjustment to our Armstrong Woods day. Several of us had been to the Woods before and while we didn’t want to bypass them, we also wanted to ride to the Pacific. After a spin through the Redwood Forest and a quick espresso and lunch order at Big Bottom Market in Guerneville it was “Westward Ho!”

The ride to the ocean from Guerneville is amazing, heading gently downhill along the Russian River you first sense, then see, the forest canopy opening up and you begin to smell the ocean. A quick pop up over a ridgeline and we arrive at Goat Rock State Park to enjoy a picnic along the beach. In true Trek Travel fashion the weather along the northern California shore is perfect and there are seals frolicking and feeding just feet offshore. Another unique moment in a trip filled with them.

At the end, we six travelers found ourselves sitting at dinner in a restaurant along the Embarcadero in San Francisco. The following morning will put us on planes back to Michigan and Tennessee, but at this spot in time we raised our glasses to another amazing Trek Travel experience. Salut to our guides, Sonoma, the food, the wine, the Inn, and yes, to the toilet.

We know that we will return to Sonoma and Healdsburg, as SingleThread has proven to be truly singular.

Trek Travel SingleThread Cycling Vacation

Visit the epicurean masterpiece that is SingleThread

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Photo Journal: Joshua Tree

This spring I had the chance to visit Joshua Tree National Park where two distinct desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado, come together. The sky seems to go on forever and despite being in the desert, the variety of plants and landscapes is inspiring.

“If the plant bears any helpful or even innocent part in the scheme of things on this planet, I should be glad to hear of it.”

-J. Smeaton Chase

JOshua Tree National Park Trek Travel Cycling Vacations
JOshua Tree National Park Trek Travel Cycling Vacations
JOshua Tree National Park Trek Travel Cycling Vacations
JOshua Tree National Park Trek Travel Cycling Vacations
JOshua Tree National Park Trek Travel Cycling Vacations

Join us in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree

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California Wine Country Holiday Guide

With the recent fires in the Napa and Sonoma counties, Trek Travel wants to help these communities we consider to be a part of our own get back on their feet. We, and many others, believe that one of the best things that can be done is to support local businesses, artisans and help bring tourism back to this incredible wine growing region. So just in time for your holiday planning we’ve chosen our favorite wines, fixin’s and gifts that will be sure to impress at any gathering.

Trek Travel Cali Wine Holiday Guide SHED

SHED Healdsburg

Brighten up a salad or add garnish to a sweet treat with a SHED Sonoma Honeycomb. Sustainably sourced from local beekeepers and a unique way to enjoy Sonoma from afar.

Bring Sonoma home >

Trek Travel Cali Wine Holiday Guide North Block

North Block Hotel

Shop botanically infused bath amenities hand-crafted with proprietary formulations of essential oils and herbal extracts by a local artisan and featured in every guest room at North Block.

Indulge your senses here >

Trek Travel Cali Wine Holiday Guide

Clif Family Wines

Long days of cycling through Italy finished off with leisurely evenings of good wine soon became the inspiration for the Clif Family vineyards and tasting room settled atop Howell Mountain in Napa. If you have the good luck to visit we recommend you also indulge at their Bruschetteria food truck.

Gift Wine Club >

Trek Travel Cali Wine Holiday Guide Alley 6

Alley 6 Craft Distillery

Alley 6 is a small batch, grain to glass craft distillery focused on quality ingredients, the art of a hands-on process and dreaming up unique flavor profiles and spirits with deep complexity and character that you won’t soon forget.

Find the perfect pour >

Woodhouse Chocolate

Handmade in Napa Valley with the combined efforts of three generations of the Anderson/Wood family, these rich and flavorful chocolates and confections are crafted in European style with local, sustainable ingredients.

Satiate your sweet tooth >

Trek Travel Cali Wine Holiday Guide Summit Lake Winery

Summit Lake Winery

A small, family owned winery on top of Howell Mountain, Summit Lake is known for its distinctive and outstanding red varietals such as Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and of course Cabernet Sauvignon.

Sit back with Summit Lake >

Trek Travel Cali Wine Holiday Guide Flying Goat

Flying Goat Coffee

Known for its single origin brews, Flying Goat is run by Phil Anacker, a Sonoma coffee legend who’s goal is to expose coffee drinkers to a Cup O’ Joe “that’s been carefully managed from seed to mug.”

Keep caffeinated >

Trek Travel Cali Wine Holiday Guide Ad Hoc at Home

Ad Hoc at Home

The revered Thomas Keller turns his imagination to the American comfort foods closest to his heart with over 200 recipes inspired by his restaurant in Yountville.

Get the Book >

Trek Travel Cali Wine Holiday Guide

The Gift of Travel

Trek Travel is committed to a full season of trips in the wine country and our guides can’t wait to get back in 2018. We hope you’ll join us whether you’re riding yourself or sneaking a Trek Travel gift certificate into the stocking of someone special. Contact a Trip Consultant to give the gift of a lifetime.

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